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Muscle Flap Type

Question Answer
Biceps Femoris2
Flexor Dig Longus4
Extensor Dig Longus4
Gastrocnemius (2 heads)1
Rectus Femoris (quads)2
Tensor Fascia Latae1
Tibialis anterior4
Vastus Lateralis1
Vastus Medialis2
Latissimus Dorsi5
Rectus Abdominus3
Pectoralis Major5

Dominant pedicle

Question Answer
Deltopectoral flapIntercostal perforators from the IMA, used for lower face reconstruction
Biceps Femoris1st perforator branch of profunda femoris a. (Long) 2nd or 3rd perforator of branch of profunda femoris a. (short)
Flexor Dig Longus10-12 branches of posterior tibial a.
Extensor Dig Longus8-10 branches of anterior tibial a.
Gastrocnemius (2 heads)Medial and lateral sural arteries
Gracilisascending branch of medial circumflex femoral artery
Rectus Femoris (quads)descending branch of lateral circumflex femoral artery
Sartoriusbranches of superficial femoral (superficial circumflex iliac, lateral femoral)
Medial Soleusproximal 2 branches of posterior tibial a,
Lateral soleusproximal 2 branches of peroneal a.
Tensor Fascia Lataeascending branch of lateral circumflex femoral a.
Tibialis anteriorbranches of anterior tibial artery
Vastus Lateralisdescending branch of lateral circumflex femoral artery(runs w n to Vastus)
Latissimus Dorsithoracodorsal artery and segmentally intercostals
Rectus Abdominussuperior epigastric and inferior epigastric
Serratuslateral thoracic artery and branches of thoracodorsal artery
Fibular bone flapperoneal artery
Radial forearm flapradial artery
Reverse sural artery flapdistal septocutaneous branches from the peroneal artery
Medial Femoral Condyle flapdescending genicular flap from the superficial femoral
Reverse ALTretrograde from the descending branch of the lateral femoral circumflex from the lateral superior genicular artery
Medial sural artery perforator flapPerforators from popliteal artery


Question Answer
Nerve to Gracilis is fromobturator nerve
Vein to include with sartorious myocutaneous flap?saphenous
Lateral vs medial Gastroclateral is smaller and reach is limited by peroneal n and Fibular head
Circumflex iliac vessels are branches of theExternal iliac system
Course and source of first dorsal metacarpal arteryBranches straight from the radial artery then passes through the first dorsal interosseus muscle
60 degree Z-plasty lengthens a scar by ___75%
45 degree Z-plasty lengthens a scar by ___50%
30 degree Z-plasty lengthens a scar by ___25%
Interpolation flapCrosses over healthy non-flap tissue to be inset

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