Flag Policy 108.00.0

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Question Answer
Purpose policy to insure flags are flown by CCFR with dignity, care, and respect and followUnited States Code Title 36, Chapter 10.
Flag should be raisedBriskley and lowered ceremoniously
Flag to be flown at half-staff by who's authorityPresidential proclamation or by state governor
Flag shall not be placed on any department apparatus without written approval from the fire chief
Memorial day the flag is to be flown?half staff until noon only then raised
Half staff upon deaths of principal figures US government and governor of a state, territory or possession as a mark of respect by the presidents procomation
Death of a president or former president 30 days half staff
vice president, the chief justice or retired chief justice, or speak of the house of representatives 10 days
Flag half staff all day for what holidays Peace officers Memorial Day (May 15th), Korean war veterans (July27th) , Patriot Day (9/11), Pearl Harbor day (12/7) Memorial day till noon
Flag is destroyed preferably by burning. Flag shall be folded and sent to the honor guard team commander at public safety for proper disposal
Out of service for a flagSent to public safety along with a work order for a new flag.