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optimum and minimum crown:root ratio for FPD abutment teethoptimum is 2:3 (canine), minimum is 1:1
life expectancy of FPD7-13 yrs (Good)
life expectancy of RPD5-7 years (Moderate)
life expectancy of implant>20 years (Best!)
what constitutes common draw
reasons to replace missing teeth1) function 2) esthetics 3) arch stability 4) patient request
maximum of ___ degree angulation between abutment teeth in order to make FPD30
requirements for custom traysthickness of 2-3mm for rigidity, clearance of 2-3mm to control the impression material thickness, retention via perforations and adhesives, 5mm extension from gingival margins, adequate tripod with tissue stops to maintain impression thickness of 2-3mm, smooth and no sharp edges, handle sturdy and shaped to fit between the patient's lips and parallel to occlusal plane
Soldering is joining of 2 metal components by a filler metal (solder) which is fused to each of the parts being joined, at a temperature _____lower than 450 degrees C
requirements of solderingboth sides must be clean, both sides must be wet
soldering discrepancies greatest at ____ of the anterior retainer, and ___ of the posterior retainermesiogingival aspect, distolingual aspect
Any FPD larger than ____ should be casted in two pieces and soldered3 units
pre-ceramic solderingprior to porcelain application, HIGH fusing solder, fusion temps 1135 degree C, lower than the melting temp of FPD, torch technique
post-ceramic solderingafter porcelain application, LOW fusing solder, fusion temp 730 degree C, lower than porcelain glazing temp, porcelain furnacing technique, much more technique sensitive than pre-ceramic soldering
finenessparts/thousand of the solder that is gold (600 fine solder = 600 parts gold per 1000, or 60% gold)
caratparts/24 of a metal that are gold, used for casting alloys (18 k is 18 parts gold per 24, or 75%)
the actual noble metal content of the solder is given by its ____fineness
the higher the fineness of a solder, the _______ its corrosion resistance and melting rangegreater
lower fineness of a solder, _______ its corrosion resistancelower (we want lower corrosion resistance because we are putting this in a wet environment the mouth)
corrosion resistantminimum fineness that should be used is 580 fine or higher to prevent tarnish/corrosion
requirements of solderlower fineness (lower corrosion resistance), minimum fineness of 580 fine or higher, should be lower fusing than parent alloy, melting range should be 60 degrees C lower, should be as strong as the parent alloy, color should match the parent metal
hardness _____ as the fineness increasesdecreases
noble metals solderborate compounds
base metal alloysfluorides
sectioning FPD framework... a gap width of ____ has been recommended for optimum results0.008-.009nch (0.2-0.3mm) aka thickness of a business card
what collar/margin do you use for preparation below CEJ?bevel shoulder, often used for crowns that must extend onto root surface (periodontally involved teeth) or small teeth (mandibular incisors)
if veneered with porcelain, a vertical margin (i.e. bevel) is at risk ofmetal flexure and porcelain fracture
Rupper sep is a latex liquid that you paint onto preps. It has a thickness of ____12u, allows the resin to cure onto the surface, making it easier to remove the restoration from the cast; also allows a more passive fit of the restoration on the preps
Which pontic design do you use in esthetic zone?modified ridge lap or ovate
Which pontic design do you use in non-esthetic zone? modified ridge lap or bullet or hygienic
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in dentistry, silver is NOT considered a noble metal. True or False?true! because it tarnishes in the mouth
Noble metals aregold, palladium platinum
IdentAlloy High Noblecontains at least 40% gold, 60% (total) gold, palladium, platinum
IdentAlloy Noblecontains at least 25% gold, palladium, platinum
IdentAlloy Predominantly basecontains less than 25% gold, palladium, platinum
IdentAlloy Cobalt-based alloy: same as Predominantly Base, with cobalt based alloy - used for cast partial denture frameworks
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IdentAlloy Titaniumcontains at least 85% titanium