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T/F: Reoviridae genome functions as NEGATIVE SENSE during replicationTrue
T/F: Reoviridae viruses are enveloped, icosahedralFalse (non-enveloped)
T/F: Reoviridae genome consists of a single molecule of double stranded RNATrue
T/F: Reoviridae genome consists of a single molecule of single stranded DNAFalse (ds DNA)
T/F: Reoviridae has no significant human pathogensFalse (Rotavirus)


Question Answer
Rubella virus is a member of what family?TOGAviridae
Major clinical syndrome associated with Alpha viruses: _____ _____, fever with or without rash & ______Hemorrhagic fever, Encephalitis


for following viruses... what is preventive vaccine like if it exists
Question Answer
cytomegalovirusno vaccine
HSV2no vaccine
Varicella zoster virustwo diff vaccines for two diff age groups (shingles or chicken pox)
Norwalk virus (norovirus)no vaccine
HPVQUADRIVALENT (for pre-teen females... cervical cancer)
West nile virusno vaccine
Adenovirusno vaccine
RotavirusPENTAVALENT (reassortant of animal and human viruses)
Parvovirusno vaccine
Rubella virussingle live attenuated vaccine for all healthy children


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T/F: The majority of HPV infections result in overt clinical symptoms***FALSE
5 yo boy presents with low grade fever, sore mouth, cervical lymph node enlargement, and multiple vesicular lesions throughout oral cavity... most likely caused by..HSV (PRIMARY HERPETIC GINVIVOSTOMATITIS)

What virus associated with given symptom?

Question Answer
Erythema InfectiosumParvovirus
Pharyngoconjunctival feverAdenovirus
Exanthem subitumHSV (6)
Microcephaly, jaundice & hepatosplenomegaly in newbornCytomegalovirus
HerpanginaCoxsackie virus
Oral hairy leukoplakiaEpstein-Barr virus
Heterophile antibody-negative mononucleosisCytomegalovirus
Transient aplastic crisisParvovirus


Question Answer
viral gene products, e6 and e7, strongly associated with what cancer?cervical carcinoma (HPV 16 & 18)
65 yo woman's grandson has chicken pox... is she at risk for chicken pox or shingles?NO
65 yo woman has symptoms consistent with shingles... did she catch it from grandson?NO
65 yo woman has symptoms consistent with shingles... did she give it to from grandson?YES, gave Varicella zoster
what is the site of latency for varicella zoster?neurons
what is the site of latency for HSV?neurons
what types HPV most highly associated with human cancer?16 & 18


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according to WHO, what virus has been eradicated?Small pox
is mononucleosis more common in developed or undeveloped countries?Developed
what virus is considered highly contagious w/ infectious rate of approximately 75%Varicella Zoster
majority of polio infections result in _____ infectionsubclinical
Is incubation long or short for RotavirusShort
Is incubation long or short for Rhinovirusshort
Is incubation long or short for PapillomavirusLONG
Is incubation long or short for Adenovirusshort
Is incubation long or short for Epstein-BarrLong


what is size, is it enveloped, what is capsid shape
Question Answer
picornavirussmall, non-enveloped, icosahedral
poxviruslarge, ENVELOPED, complex caspid
parvovirussmall, non-enveloped, icosahedral
togavirusneither small not large, ENVELOPED, icosahedral
herpes viruslarge, enveloped, icosahedral


Question Answer
list complex capsid virus familiesPOX only
list enveloped virus familiesherpes, pox, toga
list LARGE virusespox, herpes
list small virusespico, parvo, saluki, HPV


Question Answer
most common adenoviral eye infectionacute follicular conjunctivitis
common cold has been found to be caused by... Rhinoviruses
In aseptic meningitis in CSF.... is glucose (normal/low), protein (high/low), elevated (PMN's/Lymphocytes)normal glucose, high protein, high LYMPHocytes
1st step after uncertain in replication of echo virusTranslation
What is true of parvovirusesnone of the above
which virus is the leading cause of mental retardation due to a congenital infection?cytomegalovirus
AIDs associated kaposi's sarcoma associated with what virus?Human HSV 8


Question Answer
T/F: Arthropod-borne viruses are transmitted by an arthropod vector but do not replicate within arthropod cellsFALSE
T/F: Humans are generally accidental, dead-end hosts for arthropod borne viral diseaseTRUE
T/F: Most arthropod-borne human infections result in clinically evident diseaseFALSE
T/F: All arthropod-borne viruses belong to a single virus familyFalse


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Virus preparation for modern day small pox immunization is a (live, killed) (inactivated/attenuated) (smallpox virus/related non smallpox virus)LIVE, ATTENUATED, RELATED (Vaccinia viridans)
Genome of RotavirusLinear, ds RNA
Genome of Coxsackie virusLinear, ssRNA
Genome of HSVlinear, dsDNA
Genome of parvoviruslinear, ssDNA
Genome of adenoviruslinear, ds DNA
Genome of HPVcircular, ds DNA


Question Answer
which group/family of viruses has two complete genomes within each virion?RETROVIRUSES
capsid proteins can bind to cell surface receptors, matrix proteins, or both?BOTH
cellular resistance to viral infection is due to ...absence of cell surface viral receptors
infection of a susceptible cell by a virus lacking full genome would result in ____ infectionabortive
IFN type 1 increases expression of what?CLASS 1 MHC molecules
viral PAMPs are recognized by...TLR within cell
morphological unit as visualized in electron micrographs of virus... defineCAPSOMERE
can triangular shaped viral structural components be arranged into pentameter, hexameters, or both?BOTH


Question Answer
Restrictive or restringent viral infections happen when...cell is only transiently permissive to virus
T/F: Latent viral infection have permissive host cellsFALSE
T/F: latent viral infections result in productive viral infectionFALSE
what is the first defensive response to viral infection?type 1 IFN
Viral lipid envelopes come from where?host cell membranes
DNA viruses code for and express transcriptional activators that alter transcription how?favor viral DNA transcription over host DNA transcription


Question Answer
replicative intermediates are seen in viruses with what type of genome?ss RNA
viral membrane peplomers are synthesized where?RER
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase is required for replication of +ssRNA, -ssRNA or both?BOTH
rapid host viral release by lysis is most often seen by (enveloped/non-enveloped) virusesNon-enveloped
what is the most potent inducer of type 1 IFN?replicative intermediates
t/f: INF gamma is an anti-viral proteinFALSE