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three typical signs of “Arch or Bite Collapse"medial drift, distal drift, & supra eruption
t/f: supraerupted teeth bring alveolar bone with themTrue
what is the life expectancy of an FPD?7-13 years
what missing teeth option is best for replacing missing soft tissue?RPD
what is the life span of an RPD?5-7 years
10 steps of FPD treatment in order(1) Diagnosis/TP (2) patient presentation (3) Diag Waxup (4) tooth prep (5) provisional (fabrication) (6) final impression (7) IO record (8) working cast and fabrication (9) try-in/adjustment (10) final cementation
what is the maximum angulation between abutment teeth to make an FPD?30 degrees***
what is more important for crown prep... universal clearance or universal reduction?Clearance (space for crown)
when preparing FPD abutments, which is prepared first... anterior or posterior abutment?Anterior (this is because of greater risk of pulp exposure... so determines path)
how much uniform clearance is needed for full-metal FPD abutment preps?1.5 mm
what is the acceptable range of axial well heights for FPD abutment preps?3-4 mm
crown margins must clear contact with adjacent teeth by how much space?1 mm
cavosurface angle for full gold crown/fpd140 degrees
facing proximal walls of abutment teeth should ____ to the occlusaldiverge


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t/f: we do a diagnostic waxup on original castsFalse (do on dupes)
t/f: we do a diagnostic waxup on dublicate castsTRUE


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how far should saw cuts (in edentulous pontic area) be from abutment?Less than 1 mm
what type of cast articulation provides the most accurate articulator mounting?Hand articulation
which is more accurate... casts or PVS IOR record?IOR record... this makes for problems
2 times that IOR articulation for mounting is requiredskeletally determined position (teeth apart, CR, etc.) & inadequate teeth contacts
should teeth contact when making CR IOR records?NO TOOTH CONTACT (will shift mandible)
during what type of IOR are teeth supposed to contact?MI
one disadvantage of PVS IORcaptures detail in excess of cast (and requires a lot of trimming to work on cast)


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what is the #1 reason that FPD's fail?caries
optimum crown to root ratio2:3
minimum crown to root ratio1:1
what is Ante's Law?root surface area of abutment teeth must be at least as much as teeth replaced with poetics
if you double the length... the flexure is _____ times higher8 times higher (Law of Beams)
when are double abutments potentially helpful?long span FPD's
non-rigid connector must always be placed on the ____ of abutment toothDistal (if on mesial then can unseat due to medial drift)
while cantilevers are never ideal... we should NEVER place a _____ cantilever ponticdistal
D2000 codes are for what type of fixed procedure?restorative crowns
D6000 codes are for what type of fixed procedure?FPD abutment crowns


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what must FPD provisionals do that single crown provisionals do not?maintain relative tooth position
best matrix adaptation is achieved on a heated _____ castdry
when creating an FPD direct provisional and seating matrix loaded with PMMA... where should pressure be placed when seating?Not on abutment or pontic teeth!


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what is the brand name of the PMMA we use?Jet Acrylic
What is the brand name of the Bis-acryl we use?Integrity
What is the brand name of the PVS we use?Extrude
What is the brand name of the IOR pvs we use?Regisil Rigid
what type of contact should the pontic have with soft tissue?pin-point (pressure free)
where on soft tissue should pontic contact?attached gingiva (immobile)
the undersurface of pontic should be ____ in shapeconvex (for hygienic maintainability)
it is imperative that the undersurface of the pontic has what type of surfaceSMOOTH (highly polished/glazed)
what pontic design is unacceptable because it has a concave undersurface?Ridge lap (saddle)
what is the pontic design of choice?modified ridge lap (convex, esthetic, easily cleaned)
what is the way to clean under a modified ridge lap pontic?floss
hygienic pontic is used most often where?Mandibular posterior
what type of pontic is used when there is a great deal of ridge resorption?hygienic
what type of pontic design is used so that it will go into a soft tissue depression?Ovate
the shape of the _____ will dictate the appropriate ponticRidge
what types of pontic design are good for WIDE ridges?Conical or ovate
goal of physiologic pontic design is....easily cleanable for patient
embrasures on provisionall FPD are shaped with what nose cone tool?diamond disk
in the posterior... FPD connectors should be ___ by ___ mm in size2 x 3 mm


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why don't we use rubber base or condensed silicone for custom trays anymore?Dimensionally unstable
if stock tray is used for impression (w/ material other than pvs)... how are dimensions affected?working die too large & inaccurate
T/F: PVS impression material can be used with a stock tray and still maintain accuracyTrue
required thickness for custom tray2-3 mm
required impression material thickness with custom tray impression2-3 mm
which has better adhesion... spray on or paint-on adhesives?Paint-on
what type of acrylic do we use for custom trays?Photopolymerizing resin
how far beyond gingival margin should cast be marked for custom tray fabrication?5 mm


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Soldering,= joining of two metal components by a filler metal (solder) which is fused to each of the parts being joined, at a temperature lower ___ deg C450
Any FDP larger than ____ units should be cast in 2 pieces and soldered(larger than) 3 units
is torch technique used for pre ceramic or post ceramic soldering?pre-ceramic (1135 dgr C)
is porcelain furnace technique used for pre ceramic or post ceramic soldering?post-ceramic (730 dgr C)
fineness is used to describe _____ and parts/thousand that is ____Solder; gold
carats is used to describe ____ ____ and parts/24 that is ____casting alloys; gold
higher fineness means _____ corrosion resistancegreater
lower fineness means _____ corrosion resistanceless
minimum fineness of solder that should be used to achieve necessary corrosion resistance580 fineness
higher fineness means _____ hardnessless
lower fineness means _____ hardnessgreater
solder should have fusing temp ____ dgr C lower than parent alloy60 dgr C lower
_____ provides surface protection and reduces/dissolves oxidesFlux
what type of flux used for noble metal solder?Borate compounds
what type of flux used for base metal alloys?Fluorides
_____ is a material used to outline the area to be soldered; and restricts the flow of solderAnti-flux
most common anti-fluxgraphite
if there is a small rock that can't be adjusted after a few tries (with FPD try-in) with fit checker then what must we do?Section, Index, Solder
recommended gap width for sectioning FPD framework0.2-0.3 mm (0.008-0.009 inches)
T/F: a wedge shaped sectioning gap is idealFalse (distortion/porosity)
what type of resin do we used to index sectioned FPD?Dura Lay


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biggest problem with all-ceramic crownspoor strength (prone to fracture)
which has greater preparation necessary (takes off more tooth structure)... full-metal FPD/crown prep or PFM FPD/crown prep?PFM
total axial reduction thickness necessary for PFM (on facial surface)1.5 mm
minimum incisal reduction for PFM anterior crown2 mm
deep sub gingival margins lead to what...gingival recession
for the no-visible metal collar... what should the cavosurface angle be?110


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what measurement should be used to select appropriate polycarb crown?m-d width
when adjusting poly carb crown.... we should adjust from _____ until vertical length is correctgingival


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when is a custom incised guide table required?when teeth being restored with fixed procedure will be involved in protrusive or excursive guidance


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long axes of anterior teeth are ____ inclined relative to posterior teethfacially