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causes toxic shock syndromestaph aureus
causes food poisoningstaph aureus
what bacteria produces a yellow pigmentstaph aureus
What test distinguishes Staph. aureus from Staph. epidermidis and Staph. saprophyticus?S. aureus is Coagulase +, S epidermidis and S. saprophyticus are coagulasis -
T/F: S. aureus food poisoning is due to the ingestion of bacteria that rapidly secrete toxin once they enter the GI tract.FALSE: rapid onset of S. aureus food poisoning is due to injestion of PREFORMED toxin
What bacteria is catalase+ and coagulase+?staph aureus
What species is associated with food poisoning in meats, mayonnaise, and custard?Staphylococcus aureus (this food poisoining usu. starts quickly and ends quickly)
What virulence factor of Staph. aureus binds Fc-IgG, inhibiting complement fixation and phagocytosis?Protein A
Bug Hints: Pus, Empyema, Abscess =staph aureus
Bug Hints: Surgical wound =staph aureus
What's the likely cause of osteomyelitis in a pt where you have no other information?
What are the 2 most common causes of nosocomial infections?- E. coli causes UTI - S. aureus causes wound infection
What are the common causes of osteomyelitis in those with prosthetic replacements?S. aureus and S. epidermidis
What is the common cause of osteomyelitis in most people?S. aureus
What is the dominant normal flora in the nose?S. aureus
what is the dominant normal flora on the skin?S. epidermidis
What is the 2nd leading cause of community-acquired UTI in sexually active women?Staphylococcus saprophyticus
What are two exotoxins secreted by Strep. pyogenes?Erythrogenic toxin and streptolysin O
What species is Group A Strep?S. pyogenes
Are Strep. pyogenes Bacitracin-sensitive?YES. both are catalase +
what bacteria is catalase(-) and bacitracin-sensitive?S. pyogenes
What virulence factor of Strep. pyogenes also serves as an antigen to which the host makes antibodies?S. pyogenes
How are Group A and Group B Strep primarily di!erentiated?Group A are Bacitracin sensitive - Group B are Bacitracin resistant
How are the species of Streptococcus primarily di!erentiated?on the basis of their HEMOLYTIC capabilities
Name two type of Strep that exhibit alpha hemolysis?S. pneumoniae - Viridans strep. (e.g. S. mutans)
Name two types of Strep. that are non-hemolytic (gamma hemolysis).Enterococcus (E. faecalis) and Peptostreptococcus (anaerobe)
Name two types of Strep. that exhibit beta hemolysis.Group A Strep. (GAS) and Group B Strep. (GBS)
What are the e!ects of streptolysin O?it is a hemolysin - it is the antigen for ASO-antibody found in rheumatic fever
What species is Group B Strep?S. agalactiae
What two things distinguish S. pneumoniae from Viridans Strep.?S. pneumoniae: have Capsule; Optochin Sensitive - Viridans strep: No capsule; Optochin Resistant
Are Strep. pneumoniae sensitve to optochin? Are Viridans strep.?Strep. pneumoniae is optochin-Sensitive - Viridans streptococci is optochin- Resistant
Are Viridans strep. alpha, beta, or non-hemolytic?alpha
Do Streptococcus pneumonia have catalase? Do Viridans Strep. have catalase?YES. both are catalase +
How can you remember that Viridans strep are resistant to optochin?they live in the mouth and are not afraid of the (opto-)CHIN
Name 2 alpha-hemolytic bacteria.Strep. pneumoniae - Viridans streptococci
What are 2 disease processes caused by Viridans strep and what species are responsible?1) dental caries: Strep. mutans 2) bacterial endocarditis: Strep. sanguis
What bacteria is catalase(-) and bacitracin-resistant?Strep. agalactiae
what bacteria is catalase(-) and bacitracin-sensitive?Strep. pyogenes
What does catalase do? Which bacteria have it?it degrades H2O2, an antimicrobial product of PMNs. - Staphlococci make catalase; Strep. do NOT.
What Lancefield Antigen Group are Viridans strep in?They are non-typealbe. They do not have a C-carbohydrate on their cell wall to be classified by
What virulence factor of Strep. pyogenes also serves as an antigen to which the host makes antibodies?M-protein
Where are Viridans strep. found (reservoir)?normal flora of oropharynx
Bug Hints: Sepsis/Meningitis in Newborn =Group B strep
Neonatal pneumonia is usually caused by...- Group B streptococci - E. coli
´┐╝Nosocomial pneumonia is usually caused by...- Staphylococcus - gram- negative rods
´┐╝What are the common causes of meningitis in newborns (0-6mos)? GROUP B STREPTOCOCCI - E. COLI - Listeria
What is the dominant normal flora in the oropharynx?viridans streptococci
Name 2 species of enterococci.Enterococcus faecalis - Enterococcus faecium
Name 2 disease processes that can be caused by enterococci.1) UTI 2) subacute endocarditis

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