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First Aid - Important Cytokines

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Important Cytokines


Mnemonic of Important Cytokines (Hot T-Bone stEAk)
HotIL-1 causes fever (hot)
T-IL-2 stimulates T-cells
BoneIL-3 stimulates Bone marrow
stEakIL-4 stimulates IgE production
steAkIL-5 stimulates IgA production


Important Cytokines
CytokinesSecreted byTargets and Major Effects
IL-1MacrophagesTarget(s): Endothelium
Effects: Fever (endogenous pyrogen), Inflammation, Increased Vascular Permeability by activating endothelium to express adhesion molecules; induces chemokine secretion to recruit leukocytes.
IL-6Macrophages; TH2 CellsTarget(s): T-Cell, B-Cell
Effects: Endogenous pyrogen. Causes fever and stimulates production of acute phase proteins.
IL-8MacrophagesTarget(s): Neutrophil
Effects: Major chemotactic factor ("Clean up on aisle 8." Neutrophils are recruited by IL-8 to clear infections)
IL-12MacrophagesTarget(s): TH1, NK Cell
Effects: Induces T cell differentiation into TH1 cells. Activates NK cells. Also secreted by B cells.
TNF-α (cachectin)Macrophages, B cells, TH1 cellsTarget(s): Endothelium
Effects: Mediates septic shock. Causes leukocyte recruitment, vascular leak.
IL-2ALL T-CellsTarget(s): T-Cell, B-Cell, NK Cell
Effects: Stimulates growth of helper, cytotoxic and regulatory T-Cells.
IL-3ALL T-CellsTarget(s): Stem Cells
Effects: Supports growth and differentiation of bone marrow stem cells. Functions like GM-CSF.
(IFN-γ )
TH1 Cells, CD8, NK cellsTarget(s): Macrophage, TH1 cells
Effects: Activates macrophages and TH1 cells. Supresses TH2 cells. Has antiviral and antitumor properties (increases MHC I and II expression and antigen presentation in all cells)
IL4TH2 CellsTarget(s): T-Cell, B-Cell
Effects: Induces differentiation in TH2 cells. Promotes growth of B cells. Enhances class switching to IgE and IgG.
IL5TH2 CellsTarget(s): B-Cell, Eosinophils
Effects: Promotes B-cell class switching from IgM to IgA. Stimulates growth and differentation of eosinophils.
IL10TH2 CellsTarget(s): TH1
Effects: Down-regulates the expression of TH1 cytokines, MHC class II antigens, and costimulatory molecules.


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