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When was the first fire engine purchased in colonial North America? 1653
What organization formed in 1896 develops codes and standards to ensure fire and life safety for the public?National Fire Protection Association
What is the result of the Iroquois Theater Fire, chicago (1903)?Panic hardware on exit doors
What is the result of the cocoanut grove nightclub fire in Boston Massachusetts(1942)? Increased fire and life safety requirements in assembly-type occupancies
Why was the National Commission and on Fire Prevention and control established? Enclosed stairwell requirements
Which of the following is a cultural challenge in the fire service?Differences of personal characteristics
What cultural strength in the fire service is based on the feelings of personal respect and personal worth? Pride

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What is the mission of the fire service? To save lives and protect property
The all-hazards approach means the fire service:provides a variety of services to the community.
A department type is determined by how:An organization is funded.
Which of the following types of staffing performs required functions for minimal or no pay?Volunteer
The broad category for personnel that deliver emergency services directly to external customers is:Line
What part of the fire service is composed of a variety of companies located in a response area? Battallion
What type of company is responsible for forcible entry?Truck company

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