Fingerprint Analysis

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Section 1

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Only ________ magnification needed for most fingerprint examination4x-6x
reticleused in determination of ridge counts and tracings in Henry Classification System
using this tool be careful no to punch a holeridge counter
two individuals can have the ______classification although their actual prints will ____same; differ
NCICNational Crime Information Center
Three pattern typesloop; arch; whorl
65% of fingerprintsloop
loopenter on one side, recurve, and exit on same side
most common type of loopulnar
most commonly found on index fingerradial

Section 2

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ridges appear to flow in three different directionsdelta
center of pattern; top of innermost recurving ridgecore
number of ridges between delta and core; incipient ridges not countedridge count
5% of fingerprintsarches
archesenters from one side, rises up, and flows back out on opposite side
arch has no delta or coreplain arch
contains two or three elements of looptented arch

Section 3

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make up 30% of fingerprintswhorl
whorlmust contain at least two deltas with curving ridge
two deltas spaced fairly evenly apartplain whorl
two separate loop formations and two deltasdouble loop
two deltas in which no recurve line is touched on imaginary line betweencentral pocket loop whorl
two or more of the other patterns that don't completely fit their definition; rarestaccidental whorl
3 levels of analysisoverall pattern; ridge characteristics and ridge flow; pores
ACE-V methodologyAnalyze; Compare; Evaluate; Verify
Analyzequestioned fingerprint
Comparereference fingerprint
Evaluatefinal conclusion
Verifysecondary analyst performing independent "ACE"

Section 4

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ridge ending; bifurcation; dotlevel 2 comparisons
edges and poreslevel 3 comparisons