Finger and Thumb Positioning

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Patient PositionSitting at end of table
Bucky to Tabletop distance (OID)3-4 inches
Grid?No grid
Exposure55-80 Kv
Exposure timeShort
Focal spotSmall
____ contrastHigh/ Short
Plaster CastIncrease kv 5-10
Fiberglass Cast (Colored)Increase kv 3-4
Long axis to ___Long axis
Part always__ to IRParallel
What kind of collimation4 sided
CR is ___ to partPerpendicular
IR size8x10
SID40 in.

Section 2

Question Answer
Finger positionsPA, PA Oblique and lateral
Thumb positionsAP, PA Oblique and Lateral
PA Finger- PositionPronate hand, long axis of finger to IR
PA Finger- CRPerp to IR and Centered at PIP jt
PA Finger- Structures shownDistal, Middle, and proximal phalanges and distal metacarpal
PA Finger- No rotationSymmetric concavities, Equal tissue
Minimum of how much distal metacarpal?1/3
PA Oblique Finger- Medial1-2 (Pinky up)
PA Oblique Finger- Lateral3-5 (Thumb up)
PA Oblique Finger- Position45 degree wedge and finger parallel to IR
PA Oblique Finger- CRPerp. to PIP jt
PA Oblique Finger- StructuresSame as PA but in Oblique; IP and MCP jt. open
Lateral Finger- Lateromedial3-5
Lateral Finger- Mediolateral2nd digit
Lateral Finger- PositionUse sponge, Parallel to IR
Lateral Finger- StructuresSame as Oblique; Concave on anterior side

Section 3

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AP Thumb- PositionHand rotated internally
AP Thumb- CRPerp to IR @ 1st MCP
AP over PA Thumb becauseDecreased OID
AP Thumb- Structures1st MC, Distal and Proximal phalanges, Metacarpal and Trapezium. IP and MCP jt open
AP Thumb- No rotationConcave sides equal
PA Oblique Thumb- PositionPronated hand, 45 degrees, Abduct a little
PA Oblique Thumb- CRPerp. to IR @ 1st MCP
PA Oblique Thumb- StructuresDistal and proximal phalanges, 1st metacarpal, IP and MCP jt open, Sesmoid
Lateral Thumb- PositionHand pronated, fingers a little scrunched
Lateral Thumb- CRPerp to IR @ 1st MC
Lateral Thumb- StructuresDistal and Proximal Phalanges, concavities on anterior, trapezium superimposed

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Another name for AP Axial ThumbModified Roberts Method
AP Axial Thumb used for Bennetts fracture
Bennett's fracture is Fracture of base of the 1st MC and extending into 1st CMC
AP Axial Thumb- CR15 degrees toward wrist entering at 1st CMC
AP Axial Thumb- StructureAP Thumb and 1st CMC jt. MCP and CMC jt open, trapezium
Another name for PA Stress ThumbSkier's Thumb or Folio Method
PA Stress Thumb used forSprain and tearing of ulnar collateral ligament
PA Stress Thumb- Positionboth hands on IR, rotate 45 degree laterally, use support, tape in between thumbs, wrap rubberbands around distal thumb
PA Stress Thumb- CRIn between hands @ levels of MCP jt
PA Stress Thumb- StructuresEntire thumbs, MCP angles and open jt. spaces, 1st MCP

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