Fine Motor Skills Newborn to 13+ Years

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Section 1

Question Answer
Newborn to 1 monthRegards objects in direct line of sight
Newborn to 1 monthFollows moving object to midline
Newborn to 1 monthHands fisted
Newborn to 1 monthArms movements jerky
Newborn to 1 monthMovements may be purposeful or random

Section 2

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Can see farther distances2 to 3 months
Hands open more2 to 3 months
Visually follows 180 degrees2 to 3 months
Grasp is reflexive2 to 3 months
Uses palmar grasp2 to 3 months

Section 3

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Grasps and releases toys4 to 5 months
Uses ulnar-palmar grasp4 to 5 months

Section 4

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Approaches objects with one hand6 to 7 months
Arm in neutral when approaching toy6 to 7 months
Radial-palmar grasp6 to 7 months
"Rakes" with fingers to pick up small objects6 to 7 months
Voluntary release to transfer objects between hands6 to 7 months

Section 5

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Develops active supination8 to 9 months
Radial-digital grasp develops8 to 9 months
Uses inferior pincer grasp8 to 9 months
Extends wrist actively8 to 9 months
Points with index finger8 to 9 months
Pokes with index finger8 to 9 months
Release of objects is more refined8 to 9 months
Takes objects out of container8 to 9 months

Section 6

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Fine pincer grasp developed10 to 11 months
Puts objects into container10 to 11 months
Grasps crayon adaptively10 to 11 months

Section 7

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Markers paper with crayon12 to 15 months
Builds tower using two cubes12 to 15 months
Turns over small container to obtain contents12 to 15 months

Section 8

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Folds paper16 to 24 months
Strings beads16 to 24 months
Stacks six cubes16 to 24 months
Imitates vertical and horizontal strokes with crayon on paper16 to 24 months
Holds crayon with thumb and fingers16 to 24 months

Section 9

Question Answer
Turns knob2 years
Opens and closes a jar2 years
Able to button large buttons2 years
Uses child-size scissors with help2 years
Does 12-15 piece puzzles2 years
Folds paper or clothes2 years

Section 10

Question Answer
Controls crayons more effectively3 to 4 years
Copies a circle or a cross3 to 4 years
matches colors3 to 4 years
cuts with scissors3 to 4 years
Draws recognizable human figures with head and two extremities3 to 4 years
Draws squares3 to 4 years
may demonstrate hand preference3 to 4 years

Section 11

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hand preference is evident5 to 8 years
Prints well, starting to learn cursive writing5 to 8 years
Able to button small buttons5 to 8 years

Section 12

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Develops greater control in hand usage9 to 12 years
Learns to draw9 to 12 years
Hand writing is developed9 to 12 years

Section 13

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Develops greater dexterity in fingers for fine tasks (knitting, sewing, art, crafts)13+ years