Financial Accounting Ratios

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Question Answer
Debt RatioTotal liablities/Total assets
Current ratiocurrent asset/current liabilities
Acid-test (quick) ratio(CA-Stock)/(Total current liabilities)
Recievable Turnover ratio in days365/Receivables Turnover Or (Average Debtors/credit sales * 365)
Creditors turnover RatioAverage creditors/Purchases * 365
Gross Profit MarginGross Profit/sales revenue*100
Net Profit MarginNet Profit/ Sales*100
inventory turnover in daysAverage Stock/COGS * 365
Fixed Asset Turnover ratioSales/Non Current Assets
Interest CoverProfit before interest/interest expense
Dividend per shareDividend for the year/Number of Shares in issue
Dividend CoverProfit after tax / Dividend
Earnings per shareProfit for shareholders/ Number of shares
P/E RatioPrice per Share/ Earnings per share
Dividend Yield RatioDividend per Share/Price per share * 100
ROCE(Operating profit/LTL + Sharehold Equity)
GearingDebt/ (Debt+Equity)
Pre Tax Return on EquityProfit before tax/Shareholders Equity * 100
Post Tax Return on EquityProfit after tax/ Shareholders Equity * 100

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