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Leukopenia is an abnormally_____ number of leukocyteslow
What triggers erythropoiesishypoxia of EPO-producing cells
Hematopoeisis is conducted in the_______bone marrow
A lack of intrinsic factor leading a deficiency of ____ and causing an appearance of large pale cells called ______ is a characteristic of _________.B12 macrocytes pernicious anemia
Erythrocyte production is regulated by the___Kidney
Explain erythroblastosis fetalisthe red blood cells (erythrocytes) of a fetus are destroyed in a maternal immune reaction resulting from a blood group incompatibility between the fetus and its mother. This incompatibility arises when the fetus inherits a certain blood factor from the father that is absent in the mother
The left side of the heart pumps same/less/more volume than the rightsame
The P wave in a norm EKG indicates atrial depolarization
The term for pain associated with deficient blood delivery to the heart that is caused by transient coronary artery spasms is callemyocardial infarct
The fact the left ventricle of the heart wall is thicker than the right revealsGreater resistance
Low cardiac output and inadequate blood circulation is known asheart failure
List the chemicals that help regulate blood pressureADH, atrial natriuretic peptide, angiotensin II Nitric oxide
Define pulse pressurethe difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure readings.
Define peripheral resistancethe resistance of the arteries to blood flow.
Define blood pressurethe pressure of the blood in the circulatory system
fast heart rate and low blood pressureis an important sign of circulatory shock and is a threat to post surgical patients
A thrombus in the first branch of the aorta would affectright side of the head and neck and right upper arm
List the organs that are classified as a lymphatic structurethymus, spleen, tonsils, and appendix, along with some special tissue in the gut
Which lymphatic structure drains lymph from the right upper limb and right side of the head and thorax?right lymphatic duct
What is a bubo?an infected lymph node
The ________ tonsils are located on the base of the tongue.Lingual tonsils
The _____ of the spleen helps dispose of worn out RBC’ pulp
Substances capable of triggering the adaptive immune system and provoking an immune response are calledantigens
Cancer cells and virus-infected body cells can be killed before activation of adaptive immunity bynatural killer cells
Having the flu, would provide you with which of the following type of immunityNaturally acquired
Which antibody is found in saliva, mother’s milk and sweat?IgA
Which antibodies rise significantly in severe allergic reactions?IgE
Which antibodies protects against bacterial infections?IgG
Immune responses to perceived (otherwise harmless) threat cause tissue damage is known asHypersensitivities
Name the varieties of organ transplantsthe heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine, and thymus.
Inspiration is___ processactive
Where alveolar CO2 are high, the alveoli will dialate
In the medullary center, the ____ respiratory group is located near CN ___ and sends information to the ______.dorsal IX
The function of the hepatic portal circulation is tocollect absorbed nutrients for metabolic processing or storage
The sheets of peritoneal membrane that hold the digestive tract in place are calledmesenteries
Parietal cells of the stomach producehydrochloric acid
Which cells of the stomach produce intrinsic factor?parietal cells
Chemical digestion in the small intestine involvescholecystokinin (CCK), an intestinal hormone responsible for gallbladder contraction
What stomach secretion is necessary for normal hemoglobin production in RBCs?intrinsic factor
The molecule that serves as the major source of readily available fuel for neurons and blood cells isglucose
When proteins undergo deamination, the waste substance found in the urine is mostlyurea
Oxidative deamination takes place in the liver
The kidneys are stimulated to produce renin by an ____ in blood pressure.increase
Alcohol acts as a diuretic because itinhibits the release of ADH
The function of angiotensin II is toconstrict arterioles and increase blood pressure
What is the most abundant cation in intracellular fluid?potassium
The thirst center is located in the hypothalamus
Blood _____ results in depression of CNSacidity
Respiratory acidosis can occur whena person's breathing is shallow due to obstruction
The maintenance of the proper pH of the body fluids may be the result ofthe control of respiratory ventilation
The regulation of _____ is linked to blood pressure.breathing
The structures that receive the ovulated oocyte, providing a site for fertilization, are called thethe fallopian tubes
Fertilization generally occurs in thefallopian tubes
Which hormone is absolutely necessary for ovulation to occur?LH
Prostate cancer isthe 2nd leading cause of cancer related death in men.
Lung cancer is the # leading death in men1
P-WaveAtrial systole, Ventricular diastole
Q-WaveAtrial Repolarization
R-WaveVentricular depolarization systole
T-WaveVentricular repolarization

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