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Burns that result in injury to the epidermis and the upper regions of the dermis is a _______ degree burn2nd degree
Normal bone formation and growth are dependent on the adequate intake of _______,_________, and ______.calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D
The function of parathyroid hormone is to stimulate __activity.osteoclast
The role of myoglobin is tocarry oxygen molecules to muscle tissues
The papillary layer of the dermis is connective tissue heavily invested with blood vessels. The superficial surface has structures calledermal papillae
Excitation-contraction coupling requires which substances?ca2+ and atp
What is the role of calcium in muscle contractionbind to regulatory sites on troponin to remove contraction inhibition
Describe muscle fatigueProgressive weakness and loss of contractility that results from extended muscle use
Describe muscle toneCentral nervous system monitors and adjusts resting length, maintains partial contraction
Describe Maximum stimulusa stimulus strong enough to evoke a maximal response.
define the Tetanusthe prolonged contraction of a muscle caused by rapidly repeated stimuli.
Define motor unit and summationA motor neuron and all the skeletal muscle fibers it innervates (stimulates). Motor unit summation Contraction strength increases by increasing the number of motor units stimulated.