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Etodolaccox-2 selctive NSAID; inhibits Macrophages from doing chemotaxis; DOGS osteo; liver out
cromolyn sodiuminhibits histamine release; opens Cl channels and hyperpolarization; HORSE NASAL
Paroxetine SSRI
fluvoxamine SSRI
Rubenacoxibcox-2 selective NSAID; CATS; orthopedics/post spay/castration, 3 days tops!!
meloxicamcox-2 selctive NSAID; dogs and cats
mavacoxibcox-2 selective NSAID; pain and inflammation; joint dZ; half life 17 days
firocoxib cox-2 selctive NSAID; DOGS&HORSES;
Asprin antiplatelet NSAID non-reversible inhibits COX; inhibits PG and Thromboxane A2
midazolam tranq benzo
tepoxalineNSAID non-selective Dog sk mm
tissue plasminogen factorfibrinolytic agent, made from human tpa, makes plasminogen into plasmin THROMBOEMBOLISM in cats
fibrin foamtopical hemostatic; must presoak ion thrombin solution
Cisapride5-HT4 ups GI motility; GI stasis, reflux esophag, mega colon and such in CATS
epinephrinetopical hemo causes instant vasoconstriction
cromoylin sodiuminhibits hitamine release!! stops mast cell degranulation!! HORSE=nasal conjunctivitus
Terfenadine2nd gen antihistamine HEART SIDE EFFECTS
Desloratidine2nd gen antihitamine
Loratidine2nd gen antihist
delmadinone acetateanti sexxhormone steroid
finasterideinhibits formation of dehydrotestosterone
DAPdog appeasing pheromones
FFPfeline facial pheromones
Trimetaphanemergency lowering BP

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FluoxetineSSRI doggy prozac; treat sedation agitation instability insomnia; neg=lethargic, reduces appetite, not for cat bellies
DMSOdimethyl sulfide; NSAID; free radical scavenger and garlic taste; inhibits Prostiglandins
microcrystaline collagentopical hemostatic; clotting factor for spleen and liver surgery; not for thrombocypenia
promethazine1st generation anti-histamine
hydroxyzine1t gen antihistamine
fibrinogen topical hemostatic; requires endogenous thrombin, for skin grafts
absorbable gelatin sponge topical=presoak in bovine thrombin
oxidized cellulosemust be removed topical hemostatic
Trimeprazine1st gen antihiastamine
ImipramineSNRI 5HT=NorEpi nonselective so safer; seperation anxiety, moderate effects;both cholinergistic and adrenegistic respetors
Barbituatesanti-epileptic; maintenance; neg=autoinduction CYP450(decrease their own half lives)
SelegilineMAO-b inhibitor irriversable dementia and parkinsons fear and cognitive disfunction increases dope ALSO treat cushings with it corticosteroid!! hyper activity side effect
potassium bromide anti-epileptic; maitenence, when barbs arent enough; neg=ataxia, sedation, pancreastitis
thromboplastintopical hemo, promotes prothrombin conversion
propofolanti-epileptic and induction; gaba agonist emegency
flumenzolanti-benzo so reversal agent
Centrizine2nd gen antihist
Thrombintopical hemostatic=endogenous fibrogen into fibrin IV=death
never combine whatTCA MAO-1 and SSRI or SSRI


Question Answer
Protamine Sulfatesystemic hemostatic; fish sperm; stops THROMBIN into fibrinogen
Vit Ksystemic hemostatic=aids in clotting; anti-warferin poisioning
Demopressin Acetatesystemic hemostatic=causes release of vWF for cap bleeding
Buspirone5-HT1 antagonist for anti anxiety=increases Ach and increase GIT motility
Streptokinasefibrinolytic agent=liquifies clots! also for topical like hemotomias and trauma and fistulous tracts
Fibrinolysin (thromboylsin actoase)fibronolytic agent treatment for thrombosis and embolysim in cats!
scoipolaminemotion sickness cholinergic antagonist antimusc
homatropinemidriasis synthetic cholinergic
short acting atropine antagonist antimuscarinic
yohimbinealpha 2 antag reverse xylazine
prazosinalpha 1 -causes hypertension; treat hyperstension and begin prostate hypertrophy
atipamazolealpha 2 antag! reverse metitodimine and det and dexmed TOLIZINE STILL BETTER
clonidinealpha 2 agonist pre op sedation and treat hypertension, safe for rena pats.
carbacholparasypMIMIC DIRECT for GI atony, works on rumen impactions and horses; glaucoma treatment
isoproternolB non selective agonist imergency cardiac stimulation GET THE ISOOOOOO
timololglaucoma B1 non selctive
albuturol/salbutomolB2 agonist bronchodialator
salmetrollong acting bronch dialator B2
ractopamineB2 agonist repartitioning agent
metaproternolB2 agonist
clenbuterolB2 agonist COPD in horses
RitodrineB2 agionist stops premature labor toclytic
TerbutalineB2 agonist bronchdiolator pref in heart issue patients
isoxsuprioneB2 agonist Navicular Dz
DobutamineB1 agonists congestive heart falure

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Question Answer
diclofenacslightly COX-2 NSAID TOPICAL HORSES "surpass"
Carbamazepine anti-epileptic TCA inhibits voltage Na channels, for neropain manic depressive
Methysergide5-HT2 antagonist; treats carcinoid syndrome
nortiptylineSNRI, active metabloite of amitriptyline
diazepamtranqilizer; benzodiaz
Histamine phosphatetest agent for achlorhydria
Fexofendine2nd gen antihist
Cyoproheptadine1st gen anti hist FUCKS UP CATS polyphagia vocalization sedation puking
Clopidogrilantiplatelet PRODRUG used with asprin
Ticlopidineantiplatelet increase cAMP(this stops aggrgation!)
Diphyrimadoleantiplatelet increases cAMP and decreases platelet aggregation
astemizole2nd gen long acting anti hist
ondanserteron/granisteron5-HT3 antagonist; antiemetic
oxazepamtranquillizer BENZO
Flunixin Meglumine non selective NSAID HORSE COW and PIG; good for endotoximia and mastitis out via liver
ketoprofennon-selective NSAID, proponic acid derivative, horse, non_USA cow and pig not vultures
carprofenCOX-2 NSAID FOR DOGS- ostoarthritis
AlprolazolamtranBENZO but mood changer too, behavioral problem doser TRENQUILIZER
phenyl-butazoneNSAID non-selective HORSE LAMINITS but causes ulcers,dogs side effects, cows side effects, will pass to baby
gabapentin and pregabalinantiepileptic inhibits Ca channels; short half life so safer, binds to alpha 2 d subunit
felbamateanti-epileptic, local and genral seizers, Blocks NMDA potentiates GABA blocks voltage gated Na Ca channels SUPER SAFE
levetiracetamanti-epileptic BINDS to cvesicles so no release, hard to sdose protein 2A

Section 4

Question Answer
benzodiazepines antiepleptic and sedation induction; increase GABA increase Cl channel hard on cats
lorazepamlong acting benzo
etomidateanti-epileptic GABA agonist
valproateanti-epileptic GABA maintinance and emergency
zonisamideantiepileptic Inhibits Na channels, tetragenetic, rapid and copmplet aborption
(fos) phenytoinanti-epileptic inhibits Na channels, maintence and emergency
clomipramineSNRI 5-ht>>norepi seperation anxiety and doggie ocd
bentazole/ametazolehistamine drug; test for ATROPIC GASTRITIS
di-menhydrinate 1st gen
Ergot alkaloidsERGOTAMINE ERGONOVINE ERGOCRISTINE ERGOMERINE 5-HT2 agonists used post partum for uterine involution
clemastine1st gen poor P/O
di-phydramine1st gen
chlorpheniramine1st gen
meclizine 1st gen
amitriptyline SNRI 5-HT>norepi interactions everywhere and has a active metabolite so its long acting
urocinasefibrolynic agent=for prevention of surosal adhesion plasminogen activator
cyproheptadine5-HT1-Gi antihistamine as well makes cats go nuts=polyphagia, vocal, sedation, use for feline asthma and photic head shaking
ketanserin5-HT2 antagonist= H1 works on intra-occular pressure for GLAUCOMA
metoclopramide5-HT4 agonist =D2 antagonsit for gastric stasis, antiematic and reflux esophogitis

Section 5

Question Answer
EsmololB1 adren antaga ultra short acting
AcebutololB1 adren anatg
AtenololB1 adren anta
B1 blockershypertension, ischemia aka angia pectoris, heart arrhythmia, thyrotoxicosis, pheochomcytoma, glaucoma
pindololB non selective ader antag
propranololB non-selctive adre antag PROTOTYPE B BLOCKER neg anio tropic, peripheral vasoconstriction, bronchconstriction, decrease GFR, decrease glucose metab, sedation
phenoxybenzaminealpha adr antaganist NON SELECTIVE ss mm constrictor, prostrate obstruction u/a, pheochromaytra, detrutor ataxia
tolazolinealpha antag NON SELCTIVE reversal of xylazine, causes arrhythmia, persis pulmanry of the newborn
ergot alkaloidsalpha antag NON slective; for puroura, and post birth uterus contraction
atropinechorinergistic antagonist antidote for cholinegistic agonists speeds up heart; for antispamatic, misriasias, anti-secratory NOT FOR GLAUCOMA antispaz mm
Ipratropiumchlorinergic antagonist spray for bronchodilation antimuscarine
tropicamidecholinergistic agonist for midriasis
ephedrinemisc adrenic agonist NASAL DECONGESTION mys. gravis increase BP
amphetaminemisc adrenergic treats ADHA dogs makes happy and decreases appetite
metaraminolalpha 1 agonist MIXED pressor agent increases BP
PPAphenypropanolomine alpha 1 agonist U/A inconstant ORAL DOG
methoxaminealpha 1 agonsit pressor agent DIRECT
mephenterminealpha 1 agonist MIXED PRESSOR AGENT esp spinal anesthesia

Section 6

Question Answer
Physostigmineparasymp MIMIC atropine tox antidote for impaction in cows and glaucoma inhibits acetyl esterase antodote for atropine tox
neostigmineparaxymp MIMIC inderect treat mysethinea gravis as well nm blocker reversible
edrophoniumdiasgnosis mysthinea gravis PARAMIMIC
metoprololB1 adren antag
glycopyrrolatecholinergistic pre-anestetic synthetic
pirenzepine/telenzepinecholinergistic antagonist reduces gastric acid secretions M1 slective
medetomidinemost potent alpha 2 agonsist INHIBITS CYP450 sedation in animals causes dsyphoria post anethesia
phenylephrinealpha agonist nasal decongestion midriasis glaucoma DIRECT!
phentolaminealpha antagonist for treatment of pheonochroma cytoma and pseudo bowl obstruction PREVENTS THE HYPERTESION CRYSIS
pilocarpineparaMIMIC cholinermimic alkaloid GLAUCOMA
xylazinealpha 2 agonist EMISIS in cats sedation large animals causes cardiogenic side effects ;tolazaline and atipam reversible
detomidinealpha 2 adren agonist sedation some anal i/v large animal
aproclonidineglaucoma ALPHA 2
romifidinealpha 2 i/v sedation horses
methyl dopaalpha 2 agonist anti hypertensive causes hypotension
bethanecholpara MIMIC GI atony and bladder atony
pyridostigmineparasymp MIMIC ttreat mysethina gravis
carbacholpasyMIMIC direct acting GI muscle atony, ruminal atony, tx glaucoma
stanozololstrong anaoblic steroid managment of catabolic DZ dont use for preg, breeders, food animals, begining prostatic hypertrophy
Nandroloneinj aplastic anemia in small animals and chronic anemias
Boldenone undecyclenatefor horses, long-acting injectable that will improve anabolic effects and improve performance of animals
DESnon-steroidal estrogenic agent, esp. meant for tx of urinary incontinence in spayed dogs and also perianal tumors in intact dogs ***highly carcinogenic in nature so cannot use in food-producing animals
Adverse effects of steroidshyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, hypernatremia, hypercalcemia, heavy workload on heart, hypertension, azotemia, affects performance


Question Answer
ketamineanthesia dissosative= NMDA antagonist
Tiletaminedissosative anaethesia blocker NMDA antagonist
alphaxoloneneurosteroid of GABA
phenothiazined2 pos and d1 neg tranquilizer all the azines!
uses of B1 agonistheart failure
uses of B2 agonistasthma, premature labor, navicular dz, repartitioning agent
use for a1 agonisthypertension u/a incontinence, mydratic, nasal decongestant
uses fro a2 agonistpremedication and glaucoma
uses for a 1 blockersmanagement og pheochromocytoma, essentail hypertension, benign prostate hypertrophy
uses for a2 blockersanathsthtic premedication blockers
vesamicolstops Ach transporter
Hemicholiniuminhibits Ach transport
parasympathomimicgi and u/a stimulation and glaucoma