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The defeat of the Spanish Armada was important to North American clolonization because it enabled England to conquer Spain's New World empire.False
Imperial England and English soldiers developed a contentious attitude towards "natives" partly through their colonizing experiences in Ireland
The principle motivation shaping the earliest settlemets in New England was religious commitment and devotion
The primary value of the New England Confederation lay inproviding the first small step on the road to intercolonial cooperation
The event that sparked the collapse of the Dominion of New England was the Glorious Revolution in England
New England's commericial wealth was based on overseas shipment of the agricultural products of its rich soilFalse
The primary beneficiaries of the "headright" system were landowners who paid the transatlantic passage for indentured servants
The two dominations that enjoyed the status of "established" churches in various colonies were the Anglicans and Congregationalists
At his trial, John Peter Zenger won acquittal on the grounds thatNew York’s governor deserved to be criticized
The French and Indian War left France with only Louisiana as a remnent of its once mighty North American empire.False
The British Proclamation of 1763angered colonists who thought that it deprived them of the fruits of victory
The Boston Massacre led to the British government to pursue even harsher enforcement of the Townshend Acts.False
The most important action that the Continental Congress took to protest the Intoreable Acts wasforming the Continental Association to impose a complete boycott of all British goods
The event that precipated the first real shooting between the British and American colonists was the British attempt to seize colonial supplies and leaders at Lexington and Concord
According to the Proclamation of 1763?settlers were prohibited from crossing the Appalachians.
The man nicknamed “the father of the Constitution” wasJames Madison

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The Whiskey Rebellion was most significant becauseit showed that the new federal government would use force if necessary to uphold its authority.
The United States became involved in undeclared hostilities with France in 1797 because of American anger at attemepted French bribery in the XYZ Affair.
Which of the following is in the correct chronological order?Constitutional Convention, Articles of Confederation, Shays’ Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion
The XYZ Affair resulted inan undeclared war between the United States and France
The "Revolution of 1800" involved a radical transfer of power from the Federalists merchant class to farmers and urban artisans and craftsmen.False
The "Era of Good Feelings" under President Monroe was a period of sustained economic prosperity.False
The immediate effect of the Monroe Doctrine at the time it was issued wasvery little
The Supreme Court established which of the following by its ruling in Marbury v. Madison ?The Supreme Court has the authority to determine the constitutionality of congressional acts.
The Alien and Sedition Acts were designed toweaken and deflect Republican criticism of the Federalists
The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions presented the argument thatstates could nullify acts of Congress
Jackson's veto of the Bank of the United States recharter bill represented a bold assertion of presidential power on behalf of the western farmers and other debtors.
In the immediate aftermath of the successful Texas Revolution Texas petitioned to join the US but was refused admission
One consequence of the influx of new immigrants wasan upsurge in anti-catholicism
The outcome of the election of 1824 between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson was decided by the House of Represenatives
In the first half of the nineteenth century, Cherokee efforts to retain their tribal lands in Georgia received direct support fromthe United States Supreme Court
Andrew Jackson's Specie Circular sought to?slow down speculation in public land
In the case of Worcester v. Georgia, the Supreme Courtruled that the Cherokees had "an unquestionable right" to their lands
The main issue in James K. Polk's 1844 presidential campaign was his commitment toterritorial expansion of the United States
Had it passed, the Wilmot Proviso would haveprohibited slavery in any territory won from Mexico
In the Charles River Bridge (1837) case, the Supreme Court declared thatgovernment should regulate business for the good of society
The nullification crisis of 1832 arose over the issue ofprotective tariffs
The Jacksonian charge of a "corrupt bargain" to gain Jon Quincy Adams the presidency arose becauseClay was named secretary of State after throwing his support to Adams
Andrew Jackson’s view of the presidency emphasized*leadership by the executive branch for the people
During the presidency of Jackson, the issue that triggered debates over states rights was*tariff policy
One important result of President Jackson's destruction of the Bank of The United States wasthe lack of a stable banking system to finance the era of rapid industrialization

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