Final Review part 2

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Section 1

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How did the Mongols rule the different people in their empireThrough a variety of meathods
What geographic feature was key in the growth of Italy and GreeceTheir location on the Mediterranean facilitated trade
What was one effect of the Black PlaguePeople's life expectancy went down
What do Inca and Aztec farming methods have in common They are examples of adapting to the environment
Why did Europeans Explore after the RenaissanceThey wanted spices and wealth for trading with Asia
Tool used during the Age of ExplorationCompass
Trade of food, plants, animals , and colonial rule between the Americas and the AmericasColombian Exchange
Where did most slaves from Africa end up during the Age of ExplorationThe Caribbean
Trade of African slaves from Africa to the AmericasTrans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Section 2

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Isolation of China caused and was caused byethnocentrism
The long exam taken by Chinese students to get a government jobChinese Civil Service Exam
Result of increased trade in the Middle Agesgrowth of towns
Revival of Greek and Roman cultureRenaissance
Martin Luther's nails 95 Thesis to church doorStart of Protestant Reformation
Martin LutherObjects to practices of the Catholic Church
Gold and Salt Trade West African Trans-Saharan trade
City of the Indus Valley CivilizationMohenjo Daro
Signs of Urban Planning in Mohenjo Daro straight streets, drainage ditches, two story buildings
Example of a Primary SourceJournal

Section 3

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Traditional Economic Systems are based onAgriculture
Chronological Orderin the order of when things happened
Limited the power of the English KingMagna Carta
Strong seasonal winds in India and ChinaMonsoons
Result of Cultural DiffusionHellenistic culture
Creator of Hellenistic CultureAlexander the Great
Hellenistic CultureBlending of Greek, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian cultures
Feudalism Provided order when there were no or weak central governments in Europe and Japan