Final Review Part 1

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Section 1

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Primary SourcesProvide Eye-Witness Account
Life Expectancy How Long People are Expected to Live on Average
Neolithic RevolutionPeople Settle in Towns, Start Farming, Domesticate Animals
Nomadic People who travel from place to place following food
Paleolithic EraHunters and Gatherers
River ValleysAreas where civilizations such as China, Mesopotamia, and India grew and Prospered
Cultural Diffusion trading ideas and customs between different groups of people
Causes of Cultural DiffusionTrade and War
Trade Examples of Cultural DiffusionSilk Road (Asia to Europe), Camel Caravans (Asia to Africa)
Great Rift ValleyPlace in Africa Where the first Humans Came out of
Mary LeakyScientist who worked in Great Rift Valley

Section 2

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Ancient Greek Government City-States
Reason for Greek City States Mountainous Landscape (topography)
Achievement in AthensDemocracy for Men Only
Hammurabi's Code, Justinian's Code, and Roman 12 TablesExamples of written law
What did the fall of Rome cause?A period of disorder that lead to the Middle Ages in Europe
What allowed the West African Kingdoms (Ghana, Mali, and Songhai) to prosper?The Gold and Salt Trade
Describe the Caste System in IndiaDetermines each persons job, class, and is very ridgid
Founder of BuddhismSiddhartha Gautama
Rules of BuddhismEightfold Path
Goal of ConfucianismMaintain Social Order
Torah, Diaspora, Monotheistism all are related to Judaism
The Protestant Reformation Caused Christianity to split into many Branches
The two main Branches of Christianity before the Protestant Reformation Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox
Where was Islam foundedMecca / Medina
Who Founded IslamMuhammad
Golden Ages are Characterized by Advances in Math, Science, Arts and Peace
What did the Byzantine Empire Share with RussiaEastern Orthodox Christianity

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Describe Feudalism Lords gave land in return for military service
What group had the most power during the Middle AgesThe Catholic Church
Why would people fight in the Crusades?Defend Holy Land, Forgiveness of Sins, and Getting Wealth from what was conquered
What was a result of the CrusadesCultural Diffusion (Middle East to Europe)
How are the Crusades Related to the RenaissanceIslamic Golden Age Advances Spread to Europe
How was Japan Able to affect Korea's CultureTheir Location Near Each Other
How were Japan And China Able to Influence Each Other Their Location Near Each Other
What was the Tokugawa Shogunate Famous For Isolating Japan From the Outside World
What code guided the Behavior of SamuraiBushido
What code guided the Behavior of Knights Chivalry
How are Bushido and Chivalry ConnectedBoth guide the behaviors of warriors

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