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Question Answer
Layers of the earth? 3Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere (soil)
What percent of solar energy ins used in photosynthesis0.1%; rest is stored as carbs
What is Ecology based off of Oikos and Logos
One species in one locationPopulation
Group of different populations in one areaCommunity
Place where organisms liveHabitat
Role that organisms have in natural systemNiche
Regions with certain physical conditionsEnvironment
Limited environmental factorsPercipitation and temperature
Animals with wide range of toleranceInsects, rodents, and humans
Producers of land and waterPlants and algae
High productivity ecosystemsRainforest, estuaries, swamps
Low productivity ecosystemsDesert, arctic (alpine & tundra), open ocean
Energy from sun, through food chainsEnergy Flow
Atmosphere and rocks take millions of years to cycleChemical Cycling
How are wildlife species classified?Types of food they eat
Fish EaterPiscivore
Fruit eaterFrugivore
Insect EaterInsectivore
Animals that eat dead animalsDetritivore
Undifferentiated teeth?Two or more different kinds
How do you know if an animal is a carnivoreNo molars
How do you know if an animal is a omnivoreMolars or teeth far back, with sharp teeth in front
How do you know what the best sensors are in an animal?How big the area is, big eyes, ears, long nose, big brain carriage
What are the dominant plant communities in SEK?Oak/Hickory, forests, and praries
What is a weed?A plant that grows where you don't want it to
One species of plantmonoculture
Green and growing during spring and fall vs. summer Cool season vs. warm season
Seed heads are usually not encouragedManicured
How do you manage lawns vs. prairiesMowing vs. fire or haying
Broad-leaf plants in a prarie Forbs
What is the breadbasket of the world?Prairies

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