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Blitzkriegmilitary tactic combined by fast attacks from planes, tanks, and infantry to overwhelm
genocideextermination of religion, race, or ethnic group
covert actionsecret political economic or military operation to support foreign policy
domino theorybelief if Viets fell to communism, Asia would fall like dominoes.
United Nationsinternational organization to promote peace, security and cooperation
napalmhighly flammable sticky jelly used in bombs and flamethrowers.
agent orangechemical used by U.S in war
embargogovernment order that restricts trade from another nation
trench warfareopposing troops fight from trenches
containmentU.S. foreign policy to contain communism
multinational corporationlarge company in one country but has ties with other nations
guerilla warfaresmall group of combatants who ambush, raid, and sabotage.
VietnamizationU.S policy of withdrawing troops and leaving war to South Vietnam
longitudeeast and west
latitudenorth and south
GDPGross Domestic Product, total economic activity
life expectancyaverage time people expected to live.

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Russia leadersJoseph Stalin and Nikita Khurschev
United States leadersHarry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon,
China leadersMao Zedong
Cuba leadersFidel Castro

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Cold War Timeline1947-1991
Cause of Cold WarDifferent ideologies
Arms RaceRace for weapons between U.S and USSR
Space Racewho can get to the moon first
M.A.DMutally Assured Destruction
Iron Curtaindivided eastern europe and western during cold war
Containmentforeign policy for U.S to containment
Marshall Planeconomic recovery
NATOU.S., Canada, mutual defense pact formed by Western Europe
Warsaw PactEastern Europe nations, Cuba, Europe, USSR
Cause and Effectsthird word, advanced technologies, chemical warfare banned

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Korean War ParticipantsNorth Korea, South Korea, U.S.A, China
Korean War Timeline1950-1953
Cause for Korean WarTensions between North and South Korea
EffectsNorth and South Korea are communist and are separated by 38th parallel

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Vietnam War ParticipantsNorth and South Vietnam and United States
Vietnam War Timeline1955-1975
Cause for Vietnam WarU.S wanted to contain communism in Vietnam
U.S opposition at war at homeNobody supported this war

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