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Section 1

Question Answer
Peer GroupA group of youth of similar age an intrest important and worthy feeling
Homophilymost youth tend to pick friends who are like themselves
Esprit De Corps sense of group soliderity
Risk Factors Poverty failure in school early dating gang membership
Peer Rejection rejection of child by conventional peers be childs percieved anti-social or different
Exclusionary rule protection of unreasonable search and seizuers (4th amendment)
Extolegal Race, Race, and attitude
Intake process screen caxs out. Juv Justice system
Demand Waiver Juvnile may request to have his/her case transfered from. Juv court to criminal court.
Statutory Exclusion Legslatives automatically require the prosecution of the most serious offenders and adults.(Trial them as adults)
Dispostion Hearingdecisions as the most appropiate response for providing treatment or Rehab for child
Common Authority Courts rule that parents can give 3rd party consent

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Question Answer
According to Martin Sanchez Jankowski, What are some reasons people join gang Reaction, material incentives, Physical protection commitment to community
Describe the GREAT programPrograms helps elementang and middle school student resist involved in gangs
Discuss the research on why girls join gangs Sense of belonging esxape isolation loyalty in realtionships
Review Michael Hindelang Discussion on drug usePrimary of social activity
Review mark Warr Discussion on adolescents and delinquency adolcents who spend time with their families are less likely to commit deliquent acts
Discuss the militaristcs style of gang leadershipChain of command
Describe the MS-13 GangViolent gang based from Mexico, America and Central America
Discuss the gang initation ritual and also how are girls often initiated in gangsMembership in many gangs, Physical Fights. Girls are sexed into gangs. Risk of Sexual assault
According to your text what are some extralegal factors that may influence police discretion?anything that has nothing to do with the crime
In re Carlo Rehab of juviniels
Schall martin Wether you can detain a juveniel or not( without Probable cause)
Terry Vs OhioOfficers may frisk suspects
Breed V Jones Double Jeapordy
Resper v Simpons Kids cannot get death penalty under 18 violates 8th amendment
How long a juvenile may be detained before a hearing is held48-72 hours
Various options police officers have when a juvenile is suspected of committing a crime relac child and report content, interrogate and search
Some of the Treatment options and programs available for juvenilesmitiea therapy, Guided group interaction, reality therapy
Typically how many juveniles are transferred to the criminal court per year60
Experience of juveniles who are incarcerated in state prisonsvictims of violent crime
What did the Authors of the text say about addressing delinquency prevention via the juvenile justice systemDelquenxy cannot be prevented but it can be managed
Discuss primary prevention programs any program that targets children early in life
discuss the fast track program Externalizing behaviors, internalizing behaviors ADHD symptoms, alcohol drug problems
Isentify and discuss some effective prevention programs mentioned in the text Most effective programs are aimed at children early in life
Discuss the Incredible years program treatment program tha offes core to children teaches and prevents and also reduces anti-social behavior
What are community prevention programsBig Brother Sister program
What are some of the benefits of peer groups.acceptance, empowerment, and purpose
Discuss the Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) ProgramTypical for boy 6-11 years old who show anti-social behavior
The role of fathers in the lives of their children Fathers are equally responsible for providers post natal care