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Question Answer
Jimi HendrixBecame famous in clubs of London
The Summer of Love1967
Haight-AshburyNeighborhood in San Francisco
Woodstock Music & Art FestivalHeld in 1969
British progressive rock bandsIncorperated elements of classical music
Frank ZappaCreated music that was difficult to categorize
Ozzy OsborneLead singer f Black Sabbath
Santana's "Evil Ways"Includes strong emphasis on Latin rhythms
Duane AllmanBegan music career working as a studio musicain at Frame Studios in Muscle Shoals
Alice CooperKNown for live shows that drew on gruesome and ghoulish topics
Peter GabrielOriginal lead singer of Genesis
Pink FloydMusic becomes converned with madness and mental illness (1970's)
Sly and the Family StoneBay Area band that commerically successful at fusing funk with psychedelia
Repeating bass guitair riffEstablishes groove in "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
Marvin Gaye's What's Going On albumFocused on confronting social problems of urban life
Album by Stevie WonderInnervisions
Jackson 5Helped Motown break into teen market


Question Answer
Signing of Rare Earth (white rock band) to MotownSHowed Berry Gordy's musical aspirations
"The Theme from Shaft"Establishes rhythmic sound of the wah-wah- guitar in 1970's black pop
George Clinton's musically experimental bandFunkadelic
Reggae developed out ofJamacian style of rock steady
1979 AntiDisco rallyHeld in Chicago
Advertising on radioMakes money and needed because listeners tune in for free
Peter Framption's Framption Comes Alive!Designated as "big album" because it sold copies in millions
Formor Beatle Paul McCartneyFormed Wings
"More Than a Feeling"Representative of band Boston's music style
Foreigner's early albumsInflucenced by progressive rock from prominent use of keyboards
Van Halenhad a successful cover of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me"
The band RushExample of a progressive rock-influenced band
Freddie MercuryLead singer of Queen
Boston's "More Than a Feeling"Features musical progressive rock thouches incorporates harmonized guitar parts and demonstrates classical music sensibility
New wave was developedTo deminish aggressive and dangerous images of punk
Andy Warhol produced album forVelvet Underground
The Sex PistolsConned music industry by collecting monetry advances from 3 labels proir to releasing an album
The band PoliceBlended strong reggae influennce into their music


Question Answer
"Video Killed The Radio Star"First video to air on MTV
Most videos played on MTV were from mainstream rock becauseIt appealed to MTV's target audience of white teens from Midwest
Madonna adopted"boy top" image early in her career
Prince's musical roots are70's black pop and funk
George "Boy George" O'DownLead singer for the Band Culture Club
The EdgeGuitarist for the band U2
Slayer, Anthrax and MetallicaExamples of "thrash metal'
Bon Jovi was not considered heavy metal becauseHeavy metal gans considered them too pop-oriented in sound
The orgins of rap are considered to have developed inNew York City's urban black communities
"Break spinning" is a techique that involvesUsing catcy instrumental passafes and extending the music between turntables
The Sugar Hill Game became popular for recordingRapper's Delight

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