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Section 1

Question Answer
1) Among the broad purposes of the United States government spelled-out in the Preamble to the Constitution is the obligation to provide for ___________________ and ensure the people’s _____________________.Justice, General Welfare
2) The ____________________ was created to establish the principle of limited government, in which the power of the monarch was limited and not absolute.Magna Carta
3) The __________________________ served as the first National Government of the United States.2nd Continental Congress
4) Government that exists and functions only with the consent of the governed is defined by the principle of _______________________________.Popular Sovereignty
5) The writings of John Locke, British tradition, and the colonial experience were all major sources for the _________________________.Constitution
6) Although the Constitution is often called a “bundle of compromises,” nearly all the delegates were dedicated to the concept of _________________________.Popular Soverignty
7) Freedom of speech, religion, and press are all found in the _________________________.Bill of Rights
8) The ______________________ wanted a Bill of Rights added to the Constitution before they would allow its ratification.Anti-federalists
9) The part of the Constitution that contains the Bill of Rights is called the _______________________.Amendments
10) The principle of ________________________ holds that the government may only do those things that the people give it power to do.Limited Government
11) The Anti-Federalists were _______________________ and ______________________ (pending the addition of a Bill of Rights).Pro-States' Rights, Anti-Constitution
12) “…. Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty…” is a quote from the __________________________.Preamble
13) The principle of _______________________ was created as a compromise between a powerful central government and a loose confederation of states.Federalism
14) ____________________________ asserted the precedent of judicial review.Marbury v. Madison
15) The power to collect taxes is an example of a ____________________________.Concurrent Power

Section 2

Question Answer
1) For the past 200 years, United States’ politics has been dominated by a _____________________.Two-Party System
2) A minor political party focused on solving one issue or problem in American society is known as a ___________________.Single Issue Party
3) Membership in either of the two major political parties is based on _____________________.Personal Choice
4) Universal state requirements for voting include ___________________, residency, and age.Citizenship
5) When a person registers to vote in Virginia, he or she completes and submits a valid _________________________ with the State.Registration Form
6) The Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act of the mid-1960s supported equal access and voting rights for ___________________________.African-Americans
7) Some States tried to prevent African-Americans from voting by using _____________________ and poll taxes.Literacy test
8) ______________________ are taken to determine people’s attitudes and viewpoints.Public Opinion Polls
9) The earliest and one of the most significant influences in the political socialization (one’s political beliefs) process is ______________________.Family Beliefs
10) Exploring a __________________ of sources and political information is the best way to learn more about political issues.Variety
11) __________________ find candidates and gather support, nominate candidates for office, and ensure that candidates are qualified.Political Parties

Section 3

Question Answer
1) The number of House of Representative members representing each state is recalculated every __________ years.10
2) In order to provide “checks and balances” on the federal courts, the Senate can ____________ to approve a person nominated to be a _____________.Refuse, Highland Official
3) A single term in office for a member of the House of Representatives is ___________ years and in the Senate it is ____________ years.Two, Six
4) The minimum age required to be a member of the House of Representatives is __________ years-old and in the Senate it is ____________ years-old.25, 30
5) When a House district is purposely drawn to give a distinct advantage to one political party, it is called a _______________________.Gerrymander
6) The process of nationally reallocating seats in the House of Representatives every ten years on the basis of the results of the census is called ________________________.Reapportionment
7) Membership in the ________________ is equal for each State.Senate
8) To become a ________________ you must be at least 30-years-old, a citizen for nine years, and a resident of the State from which you are elected.Senator
9) Based on the 2014 election results, the ________________ party controls the Senate.Republican
10) __________________ has the power to levy taxes, declare war, impeach officials, and APPROVE appointments.Congress
11) _______________________ of Congress are stated directly in the Constitution.Experessed Powers
12) The _______________________ has the sole power to approve presidential appointments.Senate
13) The _______________________ has the sole power to initiate revenue/finance/money bills.House of Representatives
14) Before both houses of Congress pass it, and the President signs it, a proposed law is called a __________.Bill
15) The Congress creates _________________ to divide the overwhelming congressional workload.Committees
16) In both houses, the ______________________ are permanent panels that report on policy issues.Standing Committees
17) The goal of a __________________ is to prevent or stall Senate action on a measure or bill.Filibuster
18) The President’s State of the Union message is a constitutional _________________________.Requirement
19) Virginia’s Legislative body is currently called the _______________________.General Assenbly

Section 4

Question Answer
1) To serve as President one must be ______ years of age, a __________________ citizen, and at some point in time, resided in the United States for a period of at least 14 years.35, Natural Born
2) The __________ Amendment states that the President may serve a maximum of _________ terms in office.22nd, 2
3) Each term of the Presidency lasts for ______ years.4
4) If the President and Vice President are both unable to hold office, the next in line to become President is the _______________________.Speaker of House
5) The President may check the power of Congress with his power to ____________ a bill.Veto
6) The formal duties of the _________________________ include presiding over the Senate and casting the rare tie-breaking vote.Vice President
7) The order by which the cabinet secretaries could become president is determined by the order _______________ chronologically created each department.Congress
8) As __________________________, the President executes the laws passed by Congress.Chief Executive
9) The President decides that a bill sent to him does not meet the goals of his administration and decides to veto it. The President is acting as __________________________________.Chief Legislator
10) The President suggests measures to ease the financial markets and plan a course for monetary stability in the United States. The President is acting as ________________________________.Chief Finincial/ Economic Planner
11) The specific powers of the President come from the ____________________________.Constitution
12) The cabinet secretaries are nominated by the _____________________ and confirmed by the ___________________.President, Senate
13) As _______________________, the President may call up and command the State militias, use the US army to control domestic uprisings, and commit American troops abroad for up to 60 days without the consent of Congress.Commander in Chief
14) The main function of the ______________________ is to perform the day to day business of the federal government.Bureacracy
15) The main function of the ____________________________ is to enforce federal law. Justice Department
16) The _________________________________ deals with foreign relations, ambassadors, and diplomacy.Department of State
17) If a terrorist threat against the Brooklyn Bridge is intercepted, the _________________________________ is mainly responsible for analyzing the information and protecting the bridge against attack.Department of Homeland Security
18) The _______________________________ is responsible for collecting federal taxes.IRS
19) The _________________________ in the Executive Office of the President informs the media about the President’s status on the issues.Press Secretary
20) The _______________________________ develops the Federal budget for the President to send to Congress for approval.Office of Management
21) The current governor of Virginia is ________________________.Terry McAuliffe
22) If Congress disapproved of a military action initiated by the President, in order to remove troops from combat, Congress could stop ________________________.Funding

Section 5

Question Answer
1) A trial court has ___________________________.Original Jurisdiction
2) When both the state courts and the federal courts share legal jurisdiction it is called __________________.Concurrent Jurisdiction
3) The court of last resort for all questions of law in the United States is _____________________________.The Surpreme Court
4) An explanation for the Supreme Court’s decision is called _______________________.Opinion
5) A state may not take a person’s life, liberty, or property without ___________________________.Due Process
6) Most of the cases heard by the Supreme Court are cases involving _____________________________.Civil Liberties/ Consitutional Law
7) The _______________________ protects the freedom of assembly and the right to petition the government.Bill of Rights
8) ____________________ are best defined as an individual’s protections against government acts.Civil Liverties
9) The Supreme Court case establishing that police officers have to alert anyone they arrest that they have the right against self-incrimination is ________________________________.Miranda Vs. Arizona
10) Holding a prayer meeting during a public school lesson would violate the ______________________.First Amendment

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