Final Comprehensive Exam Bio 2013-part 2

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Question Answer
endospores are useually induced to form whencertain nutrients are depleted
bacteria move by means of flagella
Mitochondria have a double membrane
trans fasts are formed by partially hydrogenated polyunsaturated fats
osmosis most directly involves water moving down a concentration gradient
oxidation is defined as the ___RTIE___ while reduction is the UIT___HTGRJUTR_______Loss of electrons, gain of electronsTYHHRB DFHTHTRYR
photoautotrouphs obtain energy formlight, and use carbon dioxide as a corbon source
animals, humans for example, are chemoheterotrophs
enzymes work by decreasing the activation energy of the reaction
competivie inhibition of enzymes occurs when the inhibitor binds to the active site of the enzyme
pyruvic acid is metabolized to lactic acid durning the process of fermintation
all ofthe follwing are electron acceptors for anaeroibic enzymes exceptoxygen
how is ATP formed from the electron transport chain?charge difference between the inside and the outside ofthe plasma membrane
what is returend to chlorophyll in cyclic photophosphorylation that is not returned in noncyclic photoreduction? Electrons
the initial breakdown of glucose in a eukaryotic cell takes place in cytoplasm
the initail substrate molecule forthe Krebs Cycle is acetyl-CoA
an enzyme-substrate complex forms when substate binds to an enzyme at the enzyme's _______ siteActive
organisms which get thier carbon form inorganic chemicals are Autotrophs
catabolite repression two of the above
frameshift mutation occurs when an adenine is inserted into the DNA sequence of the organism
pyrimidine dimers are a type of mutation most commonly caused by ultraviolet light
in the name Escherichia coli. Escherichia refers to the ______genus
most bacteria reproduce by binary fission
a bacterial population grows most rapidly during ________ phase Log
which of the following counting techniques dosen't differentiate between live and dead bacterial cells in a culture?direct microscope count
most human pathogens are mesophiles
when cells are placed in a hypertonic environment they will undergo __________plasmolysis
which of the follwing is considered a trace element? zinc
sporulation occurs in clostridium
A growth medium consisting of only water_glucose and beef extract would be consisdered a complex medium
a living, growing, culture whose purpose is to maintain a pure culture of an organism indefinitely is a stock culture
nonculturable organisms can be identified based on thier DNA
A linear sequence of DNA nuucleotides which provides a function is a gene
A plasmid is an extrachromosomal piece of DNA
Escherichia coli O157 H7 the "H" stands for the specia kind of flagellin this bacterium make
mutations are responsible for heritable variations seen in progeny
As discussed, the phosphate of the DNA molecule on figure 5.6 should belocated on the 5' end of the sugar
An anticodon would be found in/on a _______ molecule tRNA
Inducible enzymes are synthesized continuously by the cell
with regard to the lactose operon, which of the following is false under conditions of low (or no) lactose? RNA polymerase transcribe the genes
spontaneous mutations are the result of errors in the base pairning of nucleotides during replication
the Ames test is used to determine if a chemical induces mutation in a cell's DNA
when genes are passed form parent to offspring, which ofthe following events has taken place ?verticle gene transfer