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Question Answer
Stanley Kubrick's ThemesPolitics, Criminals, Soldiers. Alienated Man Against Society
Kubrick got his education atThe NY Museum of Modern Art
Kubrick was reclusive and mysterious. Went off to England and never came back. Refused to fly.
Kubrick made films with Pathe
Kubrick did not explain his movies and saidyou have to watch them more than once to understand them.
Kubrick got help fromKirk Douglas in getting Paths of Glory and Spartacus made.
Louis and Auguste Lumierewere first to get a paying audience and also they made travel films.
John Huston's Quintessential ActorHumphrey Bogart
What film did Walter and John recieve Best Picture Oscar for?The Treasure of Sierra Madre
Dolby Stereo in2001 (Directed by Kubrick)
Used wide-angle lensesStanley Kubrick
Directed his actors as little as possibleJohn Huston
Wiseman was alawyer in Boston
Bridegwater Institute of the Criminally Insane was inspiration forTitticut Follies
Father of US DocumentaryRobert J. Flaharty
Huston's characters weretheir own worst enemy
David Lean started as a clapper-boy and madeQuota Quickies
Quota Quickies-They had to make an English film for every American film they showed, so they made 5 min short films.
Barbara KoppleMade Film Fund. Won two Best Documentary Oscars for American Dream and Harlan County, USA
Lyrical FilmmakingDid not go by facts.
Lenny RiefensthalMade Triumph of the Will
Who enjoyed also being an actor?John Huston
What is C47?Directing Magazine in Houston
Magic Number3
3D Camera invented byJames Cameron
What was magazine Kubrick worked for?LOOK
Wiseman Tradition?No narration
Foreign Locations and Location as a character?David Lean
Lean's first foreign filmSummer Madness
Kubrick's First Paid FilmDay of the Flight
Sex and EconomicsBilly Wilder
Sir Alex Guinessworked with David Lean often.
Maltese FalconHuston's first film he directed. Black and White.
Huston's Banned FilmLet There Be Light
Cameron's Digital Effect's CompanyDigital Domain
Lean's Writer?Noel Coward
Wiseman's Production Co.Zipporah Films
Frederick Wiseman- what does he resist?Cultual Generalizations
Whar is Wiseman's most personal fim?Welfare
I.D.A?International Doc. Association
The Abyss Fill-InProduction Year- 1988. Rat's Name was Beany. Filmed in Gaffney, SC.
Who is Charles Brackett?Screenwriter. President of SAG and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Wrote Sunset Boulevard.
Kubrick was last to recieve an award in 1957. This was:The Director's Guild of America D.W. Griffith Award
Who filmed Nanook of the North?Robert J. Flaherty
John GriersonFather of European Documentary Movement- Defined term "Documentary." Went to Glasgow Uni. Founded Empire Marketing Board. Established National Film Board of Canada.
Cameron's Production Co.Lightstorm Entertainment
Who is Sam Speigel?Produced The African Queen & Lawrence of Arabia. Changed name to S.P. Eagle.
Who is Wiseman's Editor?Himself
Harlan County Plot:Mine workers struggle to join United Mine Workers union.
Extra-DiegeticSound which is not physically associated with with is presented on screen, but may emotionally comment on the action.
Diegetic"Actual Sound"
What is Semiotics?Study of signs and symbols and how they are used or interpreted.
Lean's Classic Scene was filmed in:A Graveyard Cemetary
Wiseman's Fill-InNew movie Zoo, in Miami. Needed money bc of the Hurricane. Took 1 year to edit. Rhino had still birth. 50 parts of the film was public reaction.