File 7 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
become the market leaderbe the most successful company
set up (a company)start
manufacture (a product)make in a factory
import (materials)buy from another country
export (your product) sell to other countries
expandget bigger
take over (a company)get control of
launch a new product or advertising campaignshow for the firs time
merge (with another company) combine to make one single company

Section 2

Question Answer
a chain a group of stores, hotels, etc. owned by the same person or company
a business / company / firman organization that produces or sells goods or provides a service
a multinational companya company that has office or factories in many countries
a branchan office or store that is part of a larger organization
the headquartersthe main office of a company
the chief executive officer (CEO)the leader of a large company or organization
a clienta person or company that employs other people
someone who buys goods or services

Section 3