File 1 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
ambitiousdetermined to be successful
arrogantthinks he / she is better and more important than other people
assertiveexpressing his / her ideas or opinions with confidence
easygoingfairly relaxed about most things
cheerfulalways in a good mood
conscientoustakes care to do things carefully and correctly
vainalways looks at herself in every mirror he / she passes
open-mindedready to accept new and different ideas
insinceredoesn't say what he / she really thinks
eccentricother people often find him / her different or unusual
well-balancedemotionally in control, not moody
stubbornnever changes his / her opinion even when he / she is clearly wrong
insecureisn't very sure of himself / herself
self-confidentfeels sure about his / her ability to do things
loyalgood at supporting friends
wisegood at giving people advice because of his / her knowledge
calmgood at not panicking in a crisis
possessivenot good at letting other people share her friends
reservednot good at showing feelings or expressing opinions
immaturebehaves like a child
impulsiveacts without thinking
irritablegets angry very easily
optimisticexpects good things to happen
funnyhas a great sense of humor

Section 2

Question Answer
a cold fishsomeone who is distant / unfriendly
a heart of goldsomeone who is very kind / generous
as hard as nailssomeone who doesn't care about other people's feelings
a pain in the neck someone who is very annoying, difficult

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