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Ni Sa Bula! That means “hello” in Fijian. Fiji is an island nation located in Oceania. It is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. Thus Fiji has no bordering countries. My Country is located in the South Pacific ocean.
  Fiji was discovered in 1643 by a Dutch explorer. Fiji became a British colony in 1874 and has a Parliamentary Republic Government. The current leader of Fiji is George Konrote who is the President. George Konrotes political party is Fiji First.
  The capital of Fiji is Suva. Another major city is Nasinu. Fiji’s landmarks include the following “ white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and coconut plantations.”
    Fiji has some interesting customs. One of the customs is that you have to leave your shoes outside the door when entering a home. Another is that you cannot wear a hat in a village. A typical Fiji meal consists of items available naturally on the island such as seafood, coconuts, vegetables, chicken, pork, and lamb. Fiji’s main sport is rugby. Wrestling is also popular. Modern Fijians play Guitar, Ukulele and the Mandolin. They also play the Lali drums. An invention made in Fiji was Virgin coconut oil. Also a man named Jim Bandy created an invention that presses coconuts.
  Thank you for listening, and as they say in Fijian “Moce”!