Figurative Language and Sound Devices

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Question Answer
Similea comparison between two unlike nouns using the words "like" or "as"hhhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Metaphormy techers butt
Personificationgiving human traits or qualities to ideas and things that are not human
Hyperbolea deliberate exaggeration
Idioma phrase or expression that has meaning beyond the literal meaning of the words
ImageryVivid, sensory details using in writing to create word pictures
Alliterationthe repetition of two or more words that start(begin) with the same consonant sound
Onomatopoeiawords whose sounds suggest its meaning
Assonancerepeated vowels sounds in the middle or the end of words
Consonancerepeated consonant sounds in the middle or at the end of words


Rhyme / when words sound the same in the last syllable(repetition of end sounds)
Rhythm / the "beat" in a poem
Rhyme Scheme / the pattern created by the rhyming lines