Fifth Grade History And Geography IV


Unit 8 Section 1 1.1-1.12

Question Answer
What were the 9 countries behind the iron curtain in Europethe U.S.S.R, Poland Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungrary, Czechslovakia, East Germany
What is not allowed in a communist countryreligion
What happened to the part of Germany owned by the Soviet Unionturned into a communist country
What were the 2 superpowers afraid if a real war happenedWorld destruction with atomic bombs
What were the 4 nations that occupied Germany in 1945the U.S., Great Britain, U.S.S.R., and France
What were the two superpowers of the Cold WarThe U.S. and the U.S.S.R.
What were the nations called that weren't communistthe free world or the Western World
What were the names for communist countriesThe communist bloc or the eastern bloc
What were the names of the poorer nations who weren't on either sideThird World or non-aligned
In communism what does the goverment owneverything
What are the people controlled by in communismlies
What did Winston Churchill say the communist and the free countries were divided byan iron curtain
What did communism promiseequality

Unit 8 Section 1 1.13-1.27

Question Answer
What was it called when West Berlin got all it's supplies by airBerlin Airlift
What was the U.S.'s policy toward communismcontainment
What gave money to Europe to rebuild after WWIIMarshall Plan
What was a important Cold War symbolthe Berlin Wall
Who was the Secretary of State and the military leader of WWIIGeorge Marshall
Who was the president who wanted to keep communist from spreadingHarry S. Truman
What were two communist countries that were invaded to save communism thereCzechslovakia and Hungrary
What was the Polish free Union of the 1980'sSolidarity
What was the permanent alliance to protect western EuropeNational Atlantic Treaty Orginazation
What was the communist Cold War alliance in Eastern EuropeWarsaw Pact
What caused most of the battles of the Cold Wara group tried to spread communism with Soviet help while another group tried to stop them with U.S. help
Why didn't the Eastern countries join the Marshall planthe Soviet Union wouldn't let them
What were the first nations America sent money to help stop communismGreece and Turkey
What type of people were leaving East Germany before 1961skilled people

Unit 8 Section 1.28-1.33

Question Answer
Who was the wartime leader of China who was an American allyChiang Kai-Shek
Who led the communists in the Chinese Civil WarMao Zedong
Who led the nationalists in the Chinese Civil WarChiang Kai- Shek
What was the plan called to make China an Industrial Power in a few yearsthe Great Leap Forward
Where did the U.S. goverment say the real Chinese goverment wasTaiwan
What was it called when Mao tried to use Red Guards to force China to use use only strict communist ideasthe Cultural Revolution
What was strange about the Soviet Union and China being enemiesthey were both communist

Unit 6 Section 1 1.34-1.46

Question Answer
What is McCarthyismhunting for communist spies
Why didn't the Great Depression return after WWIIthe factories were producing goods for the they couldn't produce enough for the people
What was Truman's program to add to the New DealFair Deal
What was Dwight D. Eisenhower's campaign sloganI Like Ike
Who was Alger Hissthe person in charge of the State Department who was accused of being a communist spy
Who were the Rosenbergsgave secrets of the atomic bomb away
How did McCarthy get so much attentionhe used fear to investigate people
What started to make people stop trusting McCarthyhearing on TV
What was the first man-made satellite and launched itSputnik, U.S.S.R
What and when did the first nation put the first man on the moonUSA, 1969
What and when did the first nation put the first man into orbitU.S.S.R., 1961