Fifth Grade History And Geography III

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Unit 7

Question Answer
Who was blamed for the Great DepressionHerbert Hoover
What did the veterans call themselves when they marched to the capital for their bonusesBonus Expeditionary Force
What fraction of people last their jobs during the Great Depression1/4
What were the Great Plains called because the drought thereDust Bowl
What happened to the bonus army camp at Washingtonthe army drove them out
Who was elected president in 1932Franklin Delano Roosevelt
What were FDR's policies for the Great DepressionNew DEAL
What did Herbert Hoover believe he shouldn't do with goverment moneygive it to people and businesses
When was the first time the goverment took responsibility for business and workNew Deal, Great Depression
What was FDR's foreign policyGood Neighbor Policy
What were the three goals of the New DealRelief, recovery, reform
What was the CCC, gave conversation jobs to young menCivilian Conversation Corp
What was the time of the beginning New Deal when many laws were passedHundred Days
What did FDR do first as presidenta bank holiday
What was the TVA, an Organization to get electricity from the Tennessee RiverTennessee Valley Authority
Congress refused to add 6 more people to thisSupreme Court
What ended the DepressionWWII
Who was the Dictator of ItalyBenito Mussolini
Who was the Dictator of GermanyAdolf Hitler
Who was the Dictator of RussiaJoseph Stalin
Who was the prime minister of Great BritainWinston Churchill
What was the symbol of Nazi Germanyswastika
What was the Nazi's new way of fightingblitzkrieg
When did WWII startwhen Germany invaded Poland
What was the small piece of France left after June 1940Vichy France
When was Hitler appeased at the Conference in 1938when Britain and France gave them Czechoslovakia
What did Hitler believe the Germans werea better race
Who did Hitler hateJews
Did the League of Nations stop Japan when they invaded Manchuria in 1931 or when Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935no
In June 1940 who was still fighting GermanyBritain
What was the alliance between Germany,Italy, and JapanBerlin, Rome, Toyko Axis
How did Germany break a treaty with Stalin of the Soviet Unioninvading the Soviet Union
Who was the only U.S. president elected four termsFDR
What was FDR's plan to give the Allies they need for the warLend Lease
What were the peace goals of FDR and Winston ChurchillAtlantic Charter
What was the ship sunk at Pearl Harbor with the loss of 1.177 menArizona
How many Americans joined the army15 million
What was the "fighting" to produce goods in America was called which frontHome Front
What was the name of the battle to take control of the Atlantic OceanBatttle of the Atlantic
How did Americans grow foodplanted victory gardens
What were groups of Nazi submarines calledwolf pack
Where were the only places America was attacked during WWIIAleutian Islands, Pearl Harbor
How did the Allies win the Battle of the Atlanticused convoy systems, sonar to track German subs, used ships and planes to destroy German subs
What was the attitude of most Americans after Pearl Harborunited and willing to do whatever it took to win
What happened to Japenese people living on the west coast of Americaput in inland internment camps
In Europe what did the Allies invade firstNorth Africa
What did the Allies first invade when the Americans joined the warItaly
What was the turning of the war in Europethe battle for the city Stalingrad in the Soviet Union
Who was the Allied commander on Operation TorchDwight D. Eisenhower
Who were the generals who led the invasion of SicilyBernard Montgomery, George Patton
Who was in charge of Britain's first victoryGeneral Montgomery
Who was the leader of the Free FrenchCharles DeGaulle
Who was the German commander in North AfricaErwin Rommel
What was Hitler's mistakeinvading the Soviet Union without preparing for winter
What did Italy do when the Allies invaded Sicilythey overthrew Mussolini and tried to surrender
Who forced Italy to keep fightingGermany
What was Morroco controlled by when it was invaded by the AlliesVichy France
How long did it take for the Allies to capture Sicilya month
Who was the communist dictator of the Soviet Union who wanted the Allies to invade EuropeJoseph Stalin
When did Italy surrenderMay 1945
What was the day when France was invaded by the AlliesD-Day
What were the code names for the American beaches at NormandyUtah and Omaha
What was the name for Hitler's murder of millions of innocent peopleHolocaust
When was V-E DayMay 7, 1945
Where did the Germans expect the invasion of FranceCalais
When was Paris liberatedAugust 1944
Who was the American general who went so fast he ran out of gasGeorge Patton
When was the invasion of NormandyJune 6, 1944
What did Hitler do to avoid being capturedcommited suicide
Where was the place where Nazi leaders were tried for humanityNuzemburg, Germany
What was the army that captured Berlinthe Soviet Union
What was the beach that had the worst fighting at NormandyOmaha
What was the battle were Hitler tried to stop the AlliesBattle of the Bulge
How many Jews were believed to be killed in Nazi Germany6,000,000
What was the turning point in the war at the PacificMidway
What was unusual about the battle of the Coral Seathe ships never saw each other
What was it called when American bombers hit Toyko in April of 1942Doolittle's Raid
Which carrier did the Americans lose at the Coral SeaLexington
Which carrier did the Americans lose at MidwayYorktown
In the Phillipines where did the Americans retreatthe Bataan peninsula and the fortress island of Corridegor
What were the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway fought byairplanes
What was it called when American prisoners were killed for collapsing while walking to prison campsBataan Death March
What did Japan cut off that supplied China's armyBurma Road
Who was commanded to leave before the American army surrendered but promised to returnGeneral Douglas MacArthur
How many aircraft carriers did Japan lose at Midway4
How did the Americans Know the Japanese were going to attack Midwaythe Americans broke a Japanese code
What were the Japanese trying to invade when the battle of the Coral Sea took placePort Moresby on the southern side of New Guinea
What was the U.S. strategy in the Pacificisland hopping
Who was the Allied commander on New GuineaDouglas MacArthur
What did the Americans do to strongly defended islandshop over them
What would most Japanese never dosurrender
What was the first island invaded by the U.S. in August of 1942Guadalcanal
What were the first three archipeligoes that America attackedGilbert, Marshall, and the Marianas
What battle was the battle when America heavily damaged the Japanese fleetPhilipine Sea
What battle was the Japanese Navy destroyedLeyte Gulf
How many marines died taking Iwo Jima7,000
What island did the Americans capture to use as a base to attack JapanOkinawa
What was the Manhattan Projecta plan to build an atomic bomb
What was the U.S. and Germany trying to dobuild an Atomic bomb
When was V-J daySeptember 2, 1945
Where was the surrender ceremonyon the U.S.S. Missouri in Toyko Bay
Where was the first atomic bomb explosionNew Mexico desert, July 16, 1945
What was the first city destroyed by an atomic bombHiroshima
How did the U.N. startdelegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco
Who was elected president in 1945Harry S. Truman
Where is the U.N.'s main officeNew York City
When did the U.N.'s charter come in to effectOctober 24, 1945
Who was the military governer of JapanDouglas MacArthur