Fifth Grade History And Geography 2

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Unit 6 Section 1

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What was the time of reforms at the end of the 19th centuryProggressive Era
Who were the men who controlled the cities before the reformspolitical bosses
Who was the reform governer of WisconsinRobert LeFollete
Who were writers who wrote about bad stuff in Americamuckrakers
What is open voting within a poitical party to choose a canidateprimary election
Who was the leader of the American Federation of LaborSamuel Gompers
What allowed the voters to remove a politician they didn't likerecall elections


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What allowed voters to force the goverment to make a lawreferundum
What did Industrial owners think about Unionsthey hated them
What did Unions do to get their waythey went on strike
What were the newspapers that told wild stories without worrying about the truthYellow Press
What were the islands captured by the Americans during the Spanish-American WarGuam, the Philippines, Puerto Rico
Who was the leader of the Rough RidersTheodore Roosevelt
Who was the Commander of the U.S. army in CubaWilliam Shafter


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What did the Americans do with the islands Spain gave to themkept them as colonies
How did the war startafter the Maine blew up in Havanna harbor
Who sunk the Spanish fleet in Manila HarborAdmiral George Dewey
Federal Reserve SystemWoodrow Wilson
Major reduction of tariffWoodrow Wilson
Square DealTheodore Roosevelt
Chose President who came after himTheodore Roosevelt
Made vice-president to keep him out of the wayTheodore Roosevelt


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Began the first successful Anti-trust suitsTheodore Roosevelt
Rough RiderTheodore Roosevelt
Wisconsin governer, reformerRobert LaFollete
What were some changes reformers made in the cityparks, schools, buiding codes etc.
Why did the party bossesmake Theodore Roosevelt vice presidentthey wanted to use his popularity and he wouldn't have any power
Why did reforms start in Americapeople hated corruption and cheating
When did Unions start to form in Americaafter the civil war
How was the Spanish fleet at Santiago, Cuba destroyedthe American army attacked the city which forced the Spanish to leave and the American fleet destroyed it

Unit 6 Section 2 2.1-2.12

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How did World War I startwhen Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia
What was the German's planattack France through Belgium than fight Russia with their full army
What was isolationism in AmericaWhen they don't worry about other countries
What were the main Allied Power countriesFrance, Britain, and Russia
What were the main Central Power countriesAustria-Hungary, Germany, Italy
What was Taft's foreign policy calleddollar diplomacy
What was trench warfareon both sides there were trenches on both sides and one of the sides would come across no man's land and attack
Who was Pancho Villaa man who attacked a American town on the border
Who was the ruler of Germany during World War IKaiser Wilhelm II
What did the two alliances do before the warhad an arms race
What were the first two nations to go to warAustria-Hungary and Serbia

Unit 6 Section 2 2.13-2.22

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Why did most Americans not want to go to warthey were isolationists
What did America think of Britainthey traded and became friends after the War of 1812
What did America think of Francethey were allies during the American Revolution
What did America think of GermanyKaiser Wilhelm was very war-like and they had little freedom and broke treaty by invading Belgium
What were German submarines calledU-boats
What stopped American trade with Central PowersBritish blockades
What made Germans stop using U-boatsAmerica got really mad when U-boat sunk the Lusitania
What German official tried to get Mexico to go to war with AmericaZimmerman
When did America declare war on GermanyApril 2, 1915
Why did America declare war on GermanyU-boats kept on sinking U.S. ships
Who was the American president during World War IWoodrow Wilson
What was bad about the U-boatit destroyed ships and took goods off of supply ships

Unit 6 Section 2.23-2.33

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What was the U.S. army calledAmerican Expeditionary Force
What did the American ships do to protect themselves from U-boatsused a convoy system
Who was in control of the American army in EuropeGeneral John Pershing
What was the largest battle of the warMeuse-Argonne
What were American soldiers calleddoughboys
Where did the Americans help stop a German advanceChateau-Thierry
The Americans drove the Germans out of hereBelleau Woods
Where did the Americans close a bendSt. Mihiel
Why did the Germans move their army from the east to the Western Frontthey wanted to defeat the allies before the Americans came
Who was the head of the food adminastrationHerbert Hoover
How many Americans died in World War I100,000
When did World War endNovember 11, 1918

Unit 6 Section 2 2.34-2.45

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What is it called when people choose which nation will rule over themself-determination
What treaty was created after World War ITreaty of Versailles
What was Woodrow Wilson's plan for peacefourteen points
What was the group of countries made after World War ILeague of nations
What were the two ideals Americans were fighting formake the word safe for democracy, To fight the war to end all wars
What were the Big Four nations at the Paris Peace Conferencethe U.S., Great Britain, Italy, and France
Who was the dictator who rose to power in Germany because of the harsh treatyAdolf Hitler
What country had to take full responsibility for the warGermany
What did America want to return to after the warisolationism
Why did the U.S. never join the League of Nationsthe Senate wouldn't ratify the treaty of Versailles
Why was Germany so poor after the warthey had to pay for the full cost of the war

Unit 6 Section 3 3.1-3.13

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What did the America tell the Allies to dopay their war debts
What happened to Proggresive reforms after the World War Ithey continued
What were all the presidents during the 20'sRepublicans
How did people buy things during the 20'scredit
What happened to the tariffs in the 20'sthey went up
What happened to American goods in the 20'sthey were made quicker and cheaper
What was the Tea Pot Dome Scandal aboutoil men paying bribes to the goverment for oil rich land
Why did Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, go to jailHe was apart of the Tea Pot Dome Scandal
Who said "the business of America is business"Calvin Coolidge
What did Americans want to do during the 20'sreturn to isolationism
Was credit safeno

Unit 6 Section 3.14-3.28

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What did the 18th amendment and the 20th amendment do18th-forbade alcohol 20th-reverse it
Who were the first people to build and fly an airplaneWilbur and Orville Wright
When did radio broadcasting beginthe 1920's
What did Henry Ford create to make cars faster and cheaperassembly line
What was the time called when alcohol was illegalProhibition
What did radios do to encourage people to buy thingsair commercials
What were illegal bars calledspeakeasies
What was a popular form of music during the 20'sJazz
What was alcohol produced by in the 20'scriminal gangs
Why did the movie industry start in Californiathey needed sunlight

Unit 6 Section 3 3.29-3.35

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What started the Great Depressionthe Stock Market Crash af 1929
What part of the nation was not doing well in the 20'sfarming
How does a person own part of a companybuy a stock
How does a person make money on speculatingthe stock prices rise
What did a lot of spending depend during the 20'scredit
How did someone get money to speculatethey borrowed
Why did speculators sell when prices went downthey had to repay their loans