Fifth Grade History And Geography

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History from the mid 1800's.

Unit 4 Section 1 1.1-1.7

Andrew Jacksons nicknameOld Hickory
Where did he put money when he destroyed National BankPet Banks
What system replaced government workers Spoils System
What did he do more than all 6 presidents added up before himveto laws
Swearing in ceremonyinaugaration
After Jackson what was requirement for presidentan ordinary person
Jackson vetoed it after congress tried to rechharter itNational Bank
Was corruptNicholas Biddle[Head of National Bank]

Unit 4 Section 1 1.8-1.19

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men who argued over federal goverment's power over tarrifsDaniel Webster and Robert Hayne
that states could refuse to accept a federal lawnullification
said "Liberty And Union, now and forever, one and inseperable."Daniel Webster
who nullified tarrif in 1832South Carolina
the compromise over the Nullification Crisis was byHenry Clay
when the indians were forced to move westTrail of Tears
used force to collect tarrifs in south CarolinaAndrew Jackson
led Winsconsin and Illinois Indians to stay on thier landBlack Hawk
Indians who also fought to stay on thier landthe Seminole Indians in Flordia
President who orded indians to move westAndrew Jackson
what did did the congress and south Carolina agree to do in the compromiseC-reduce tariffs SC- End nullification
what was the debate in 1830 called over tarriffs and power of federal govermentWebster-Hayne Debate

Unit 4 Section 1 1.20-1.31

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A whig first vice president to become president after president dying Whigs didn't like himJohn Tyler
Shortest Presidency won as "Log cabin and hard cider" canidate and slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too"William Henry Harrison
President during panic of 1837 Jackson's vice presidentMartin Van Buren
Democrat believed in Manifest destiny added more land than any other president Jackson supported himJames K. Polk

Unit 4 Section 2 2.1-2.12

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Nickaname for Republic of TexasLone Star Republic
Dictator of MexicoSanta Anna
Mission defended by TexansAlamo
battle where Texans deafeated Mexican armySan Jacinto
Man who settled 300 families in TexasStephen Austin
Commander of Texan Army, President of Texas, senator from the state of TexasSam Houston
famous frontiersmanDavy Crockett
Alamo defender who fought from bedJim Bowie
year Texas joined Union1845
Why did Texans think it was important to "Remember the Alamo"They were mad at Mexico for destroying the Alamo
what were two reasons Texas didn't become a stateNorth didn't want so much slave territory, Mexico threatened to go to war if they added it
When was Texas annexedPolk made a campaign issue on it and when he became president he annexed it

Unit 4 Section 2 2.13-2.23


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What when from Northen California to the bottom edge of AlaskaOregon Country
How long was the Oregon Trail2,000 Miles
Who went with his wife to Oregon to prove that families could go toMarcus Whitman
Another name for the Great Plains"Great American Desert"
How long did it take to get to Oregon5-6 months
what did Britain and America agree to do with Oregon Countryrule it together
what did people say who wanted all of Oregon"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!"
What did Polk do about itspilt it at 49 degrees (in half)

Unit 4 Section 2 2.24-2.37

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President who started a war with Mexico in 1846James Polk
General sent to the Rio Grande to get Mexicans to attack and captured Matamoros and MontereyZachary Taylor
U.S General who captured Santa FeStephen Kearny
U.S. General who captured Mexico CityWinfield Scott
Mexican dictatorSanta Anna
Taylors Nickname"Old Rough and Ready"
Winfield Scott's nickname"Old Fuss and Feathers"
Land bought for $10,000,000 for railroad from Mexico in 1853Gadsen Purchase
Land given to America by the treaty of Guadalupe-HidalgoMexican Cession
Amount paid for land from the Mexican War$15,000,000
According to Mexicans this was the border of Texas before the warNueces River
According to Texans what was the border of TexasRio Grande River
Two day battle when Taylor's army deafeated a much larger Mexican army in 1837Buena Vista

Unit 4 Section 2.38-2.50

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Who invented the telegraphSamuel Morse
Who invented the steel plowJohn Deere
Who invented the mechanical reaperCyrus McCormick
What code was used by the telegraphMorse
What was the first telegraph messageWhat hath God wrought
what 2 countries had a lot of immigrants coming to AmericaGermany, Ireland
what important telegraph line ws laid in 1866it went throgh the Atlantic ocean
what was the result of the race between the Tom Thumb and and a horsethe horse won
what was the great revival of the early 1800'sthe Second Great Awakening
what was the most important reform movement out of the Second Great Awakeningto stop slavery
what did the North, South, and West produceN-Manufactured goods S-cotton W-food
why did so many Irish come to America in the 1840's and 1850'sthe Potato Famine
what were large gatherings to hear preaching in the frontier calledcamp meetings
why was the railroad importantthe west cold go where there were no rivers or canals to sell thier food
how many miles of railroad did they have in 1830 and in 18601830-13 miles 1860-30,000 miles

Unit 4 Section 3.1-3.310

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What were the two parts to the Compromisie of 1850California would be a free state and the fugitive slave act would be passed
Who came up with the compromise of 1850Henry Clay
Where was gold discovered in CaliforniaSutter's Mill
What was the name of the group of people who helped slaves to freedomUnderground Railroad
Who was the most famous conducterHarriet Tubman
Why was the Fugitive slave act un fair to black people in courtthey couldn't speak for themselves
What were men callled who came to the gold rushforty-niners
what happened to people whohelped slaves under the fugitive slave actfined or put in jail
how did CA become a state so quicklyafter the gold rush people stayed there instead of going back
what did the south lose when CA became a statethere were more free states than slave

Unit 4 Section 3.11-3.19

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What was the most important abolitionist bookUncle Tom's Cabin
What was the Missuori Compromise broken byKansas-Nebraska Act
What were people who were against slaveryabolitionists
What was the fighting in Kansas called over slaveryBleeding Kansas
what was Uncle Tom's CabinHarriet Beecher Stowe
Who wrote the anti-slavery newspaper The LiberatorWilliam Garrison
What new party was against slaveryRebuplican party
Why did Tom obey his masterHe loved God

Unit 4 Section 3.20-3.33

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Who was the abolitionist martyr that raided Harper's FerryJohn Brown
Who was the slave who sued for his freedom because he had lived in a free stateDred Scott
What was Lincoln's NicknameHonest Abe
What debate made Lincoln famousLincoln-Douglas Debate
What did the Dred Scott desicion say about Slavery in Americathe constitution allowed slavery in America
Where was Lincoln bornKentucky
Where did Lincoln grow upIndiana

Unit 5

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How and when did the Civil war startthe south attacked Fort Sumter in 1861
What advantages did the Union Haveit had more men, factories, railroads, and a navy
Who was the confederate commander of the civil warRobert E. Lee
What was Lincoln's order to end slaveryEmancipation Proclamation
What was Lincoln's most famous speechGettysburg Address
Where did general Lee surrenderAppomattox Courthouse
What battle was the turning point of the civil warGettysburg
What was the name of General Sherman's march from Atlanta to SavannahSherman's march to the Sea
Who did Lincoln put in charge of the Union Army in 1864Ulysses S. Grant
What were scalawagssoutherners who were for reconstruction
Who was Lincoln assasinated byJohn Wilkes Booth
What were congressmen who wanted punish the southRadical Republicans
What Amendment ended Slavery in Americathe Thirteenth Amendment
What did the 15th amendment dolet black men vote
Radical Republican leader in ReconstructionThaddeus Stevens
Which president was did congress try to impeachAndrew Johnson
What are trustsmonoplies
What law controlled railroadsInterstate Commerce Act
Seward's IceboxAlaska
Gave a citizen 160 acres of land for living on it five yearsHomestead Act
Amount U.S. paid for Alaska$7.2 million
Who was the most famous man in the steel industryAndrew Carnegie
Who controlled the oil industryJohn D. Rockfeller
Who invented the telephoneAlexander Graham Bell
Who invented the phonograph and the electric light bulbThomas Edison
Where did most of the immigrants come from after 1880east and southern Europe
What were trustsa company that owned all of one good
What was the Pendleton Act forcivil service reform
Who wanted tariffs and who didn'trich American industrialists and farmers
Were reforms succesful during the Gilded Ageno