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Field Botany-Non-Vascular Plants

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Section 1

Question Answer
Bryophyte leaf bladeLamina
Lamina mid-vein Costa
Membranous hood over the capsule Calyptra
One or two rings of tooth-like appendages surrounding the opening of the capsule of many mosses that aid in spreading sporesPeristome
The stalk of a moss or occasionally a liverwortSeta
A rootlike structure that acts as support and anchors the plant to its substrateRhizoid

Section 2

Question Answer
Structure or structures of certain vascular plants, mosses, or fungi which act as a cap, flap, or lid.Operculum
Sporophyte grows from the tip of the plant; seta grows from the terminal bud (i.e. cushion-like)Acrocarp
Seta grows from non-terminal bud; creeps across the ground (i.e. carpet-like)Plurocarp
________ are plurocarps that have sickle shaped lamina with no costa and uniform pinnate branches that appear braided.Hypnums
_________ are acrocarps with hair-like lamina that have costa ("bad comb over")Dicranums

Section 3

Question Answer
_________ are acrocarps with leaf blade-like lamina with costa ("star burst")Atrichums
___________ are acrocarps with short, lance shaped lamia with costa ("little star")Polytrichums
_________ is a leafy liverwort that is small and purple or green in colorationFrullania
_________ are plurocarps with ovate lamina with costa ("little fern tree")Thuidiums
_________ are acrocarps with flattened, tongue shaped lamina with costaFissidens
____________ are acrocarps with ovate lamina with costa that run beyond the leaf tip ("baby tooth")Plagiomniums

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