Fictional genres first

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bildungromannovel wich shows a character's development from childhood to adulthood,his spiritual crises,the importance of the family background.
espitolary novelan exchange of letters,thus creating immediacy
gothic novelfull of suspense,mistery,blood-curdling, or supernatural events
historical novela novel set in past wich is described realistically
metafictiona work of fictions wich contains a reflection upon fiction, mainly to show how artificial narrative conventions are
novel of mannersa novel wich describes the habits,behaviour and language of certain social groups, often with a mixture of realism and satire
picaresque novela novel in witch the hero travels in order to make his fortune and in the process moves from innocence to experience as he discovers society and a whole gallery of characters who lend themselves to satire
sf noveltakes place in the future and includes robots,space travel, alien beings and different scientific laws
short storymuch shorter than a novel
thrillerfull of excitement,suspense,about crime,mystery or espionage
allegorycharacters and actions have another meaning outside the text

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