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Question Answer
Who is Cecil Jacobs?a classmate of Scout's
Why does Scout want to fight Cecil?he says that Atticus defends "niggers"
What word does Scout not know about?nigger
when Scout asks Atticus what "nigger" means, what does Atticus say?tells her not to use it
What does Atticus say when Scout asks if all lawyers defend negroes?of course they do
Who is Atticus's client and who is he defending?Tom Robinson
What is Tom Robinson accused of?raping a white woman
Why is Atticus defending Tom?Atticus can't hold his head up if he listens to the public opinion
What regret did Atticus not want to leave to Tom?if Atticus did less than his best in the man's defense
What is the 2nd reason Atticus defending Tom?he couldn't represent their town in a state legislature
What does Atticus want to gain with helping Tom?the truth and self-respect
What is legislature?process to make laws


Question Answer
What does Atticus ask Scout not do in school over the case?not to fight with anyone
What does Atticus say when Scout asks if they're going to win the case?he says NO
What did Atticus want Scout to remember about Maycomb County?the people were friends and Maycomb country was their home
Cecil Jacobs calls Scout a coward, so what does Scout do?walk away
What does a lawyer do?defend his/her client
who comes to visit during christmas?Jack and Alexendra
Who Does Scout like and hate? (Jack or Alexendra)?Jack Finch (likes) Aunt Alexendra (hates)
What is Aunt Alexendra's grandson's name?Francis
What does Uncle Jack bring with him to Scout's house?2 packages of mysterious contents
What does Jack tell Scout when she cusses?you shouldn't do that if you want to grow up to be a lady
Why does Scout cuss infront of Atticus?so Atticus would stop sending her to school




Question Answer
Does Scout want to grow up to be a lady?no
What was in the mysterious packages that Jack had brought?pair of rifles
What does Uncle Jack tell Atticus to teach to Scout and Jem?how to shoot
How does Atticus reply back to Jack proposal of teaching Scout and Jem?Jack should teach them how to shoot
After receiving the rifles, the Finch's go to?Finch's landing
Jem leaves his sister with who?Francis
what ideas does aunt Alexendra have about girls?should be different from Scout
Who makes the food?Aunt Alexendra
What happens when Scout mentions Dill to Francis?Francis makes fun of her
Where did Dill live?Meridian




Question Answer
How does Francis make fun of Dill (making Scout mad)?Dill didn't have a home in Meridian but was passed from relative to relative
What does Francis quote Aunt Alexendra saying to Scout?Alexendra calling Atticus a "nigger-lover" who is "ruining the family"
What does Scout do to Francis?beats him up
What does Francis tell Jack that Scout had said?that Scout called Francis a "whore-lady"
When asked if Scout called Francis a "whore-lady" and beat him up, Scout's response was?yes
What does Jack do to Scout?whips her
Where does Scout go once she is in her house?to her room
Why is Uncle Jack sorry to Scout?he wasn't fair and should've listened to both sides of the story before passing judgement
Uncle Jack asks Scout to tell her the story and she says?Francis said something to set her off
When Uncle Jack wants to go back to Finch's Landing to criticize Francis, what does Scout say?Scout doesn't want Atticus to know that she was fighting over someone insulting Atticus after Atticus told her not to




Question Answer
What does Scout ask Jack to bandage?her bleeding hand
When Scout asks Jack what whore-lady means, what is Jack's response?doesn't tell her
Uncle Jack doesn't break his promise, so Scout tells Atticus?why she was fighting
Scout overhears Atticus telling Jack what?Tom Robinson is innocent but doomed
what adivice does Atticus give Jack?should answer children truthfully and simply when they ask you questions and bad language is dangerous
why does Atticus tell Scout to control her temper?things are only going to get harder
Whose example does Scout follow to behave?Jem
When Uncle Jack asks Atticus how bad things are going to get, Atticus says?"couldn't be worse"
What is Atticus's case based on?he said-she said
What is Atticus's strategy to winning the case?get the jury to think a little and win on appeal




Question Answer
Atticus says he regretted taking the case, so why did he?it was offered to him and he couldn't refuse it with his good heart
How does Atticus hope to get through the case without any fights?telling his kids to come up to him if they have questions
When Scout goes to bed, what does she realize about Aticus?that Atticus meant her to overhear the conservation




Question Answer
what can't Atticus do that other kids' father can do?play sports or even do anything interesting
How does Atticus manage to give trouble to his kids?allegation on defending Tom Robinson
What are Jem's and Scout's peers gossipping about?Atticus's allegation on defending Tom
What is the rumor that had gone around the neighborhood about Scout?she wouldn't fight anymore
Why is Francis the only person that Scout would fight?it's a fair game
Why does Atticus refuse to teach his kids to shoot?they will shoot at mockingbirds (its a crime)
What does Scout talk about with Ms. Maudie about people?their neighborhood is filled with old people
What does Ms. Maudie tell Scout about role models?there arent any people in the age 20s or 30s to give Scout role models
What does Scout complain to Ms. Maudie?that Atticus can't do anything
How does Ms. Maudie defend about Atticus about his talents?Atticus is a checkers grand master and plays the jew's harp




Question Answer
Why does Scout build a barricade?to aim at Ms. Maudie's butt across the street
What does Calpurnia when Scout asks her what Atticus's talents are?Calpurnia is convinced that Atticus has talents (can't think of any though)
Why is Jem depressed?his father refuses to join in the town's, Methodists vs Baptist football game
What team is Cecil Jacobs and his father on, Methodists or Baptist?Baptist
One day when Scout and Jem go hunting, what do they see?Tim Johnson (a dog)
Who does Tim Johnson belong to?Harry Johnson
Tim is acting kind of strange, so what do Scout and Jem do?tell Calpurnia
Why does Calpurnia call Atticus immediately?to tell Atticus that there is a mad dog on the loose
After Calpurnia is done talking to Atticus, who does she call?Ms. Eula May
Who is Ms. Eula May?the town telephone operator




Question Answer
What does Calprnia tell Ms. Eula May?to let everyone know on the street to stay out of the way of the animal
Since the Radley's don't have a phone, Calpurnia does what?bangs on their door (no one answers)
Who is the sheriff that arrives?Mr. Heck Tate
Who is Mr. Heck Tate?the sheriff
Why does Mr. Heck tell Atticus to shoot at the dog?if the bullet missed, then it would hit the Radley place and Mr. Heck can't shoot that well
Who kills the dog?Atticus
After the shooting, what does Ms. Maudie call Atticus?"one-shot Finch"
Why is Jem shocked at Atticus?Atticus's shooting skills
What was Atticus's nickname now?"Ol" "One-Shot"
What do Scout and Jem wonder about their father?why they've never heard Atticus talk about his shooting skill (let alone using it)




Question Answer
What does Ms. Maudie tell the kids about Atticus's Marksmanship?it's a god-given talent that gives him an unfair advantage over other living creatures, so he doesn't use it unless he has to
Who takes the dog's body away?Zeebo
Scout wants to brag to everyone at school about?Atticu's shooting skill
Why does Jem tell Scout not to brag about Atticus' shooting skill?Atticus wouldn't want her to brag, since he has never mentioned it before
Why does Jem say that he doesn't care if Atticus can't do anyting?"Atticus is a gentleman, just like me!"
What does Ms. Maudie say about mockingbirds?a harmless songbird native to America so no one would have any reasons to just kill one
When Ms. Maudie talks about mockingbirds, how is Tom Robinson potrayed in it?an innocent person who is accused of something that he didn't do




Question Answer
Now that Scout is grown up, she stops tormenting Boo and is setting her sights?in downtown Maycomb
getting to downtown requires passsing whose house?Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose
Why do Jem and Scout hate Mrs. Dubose?she insults at them everytime they pass her house
why does Jem have to go past Mrs. Dubose's house?to meet Atticus when he gets off to work in the evenings;
how does Atticus talk with Mrs. Dubose?makes polite conversation with Mrs. Dubose
the day after Jem's turns 12 he gets what?cash
with Jem's cash, where do Jem and Scout go?to the town
What is on Jem's list of purchases for himself?a toy steam engine
What does Jem give Scout for his birthday?baton
As they pass Mrs. Dubose what does she say?accuses them of playing hooky (hooky is not going to school)
What does Mrs. Dubose say to get Jem to fight?criticizes their father for defending Tom Robinson
After they make their purchases, they go?to Mrs. Dubose house
Jem grabs Scout's baton and does what to Mrs. Dubose flowers?destroys her Camilleas (flowers)
Jem then breaks the baton with?his knee
Jem and Scout don't get to meet?their father that evening
Atticus comes home and asks Jem?what he did to Mrs. Dubose house
What does Atticus tell Jem to do?talk to Mrs. Dubose right now
Atticus doesn't let Scout go with Jem to?Mrs. Dubose's house
What does Atticus say as the Tom Robinson case gets closer?it is only going to get worse
Atticus hopes that Scout understands why he is defending?Tom Robinson and what he is doing




Question Answer
Why does Scout say that Atticus is wrong on the case?most townpeople think Atticus is wrong
Jem returns saying what?he cleaned up Mrs. Dubose yard and apologized
Why can't Mrs. Dubose be held responsible for her actions?she is a sick old lady
What does Jem tell Atticus that Mrs. Dubose had said to Jem?Mrs. dubose wants Jem to read to her every sunday (Atticus says Jem has to do it)
What does Jem tell Atticus about the house?"it's all dark and creepy"
What does Atticus tell Jem to pretend about when he is in Mrs. Dubose's house?its the Radley place
What day do Jem and Scout go over to Mrs. Dubose's house to read to her?Monday
Scout thinks Mrs. Dubose's face is disgusting so she tries?to find somewhere to look at
After Jem reads for a while to Mrs. Dubose, what does he notice about her?she doesn't correct Jem's mistakes and doesn't notice when he stops mid-sentence
an alarm goes off and Mrs.Dubose's servant Jessie does what?kick Jem and Scout of the house




Question Answer
Who is Jessie?Mrs. Dubose's servant
Why does Jessie come in when the alarm rings?saying its time for Ms. Dubose's medicine
what does Atticus bring with him to the house?bearing gifts
What is the new daily schedule for Jem and Scout?have to read to Mrs. Dubose
Why does Scout ask Atticus what "nigger-lover" means?Mrs. Dubose and Francis call the amigos that
When Atticus asks Scout why she jumped Francis, Scout says?Francis called her "nigger-lover"
the reason Scout fought Francis is not because he said "nigger lover' but?the way Francis said it
What does Atticus tell Scout about what "nigger-lover" means?ignorant, trashy people,
When do people use the word "nigger-lover"?when they think somebody's favoring Negroes over and above themselves
Why does Atticus say he is a "nigger-lover"?he loves everyone




Question Answer
One afternoon when Jem is reading to Mrs. Dubose, who comes in?Atticus
Why does Atticus come to Mrs. Dubose's house?leaves work
What has Mrs. Dubose done to make the amigos stay longer?setting the alarm clock later each day
Even though the month is done for Jem, what does Mrs. Dubose say he has to do?come for a week longer
during the final week there is no alarm clock, but Mrs. Dubose tells the amigos when?to leave
What does Mrs. Dubose do to the amigos when the book is boring?pick on them
as spring goes on, Jem develops a familiarity of?what's going on in college football
What does Atticus do when he gets a phone call from Mrs. Dubose?goes to her house
When Atticus gets to Mrs. Dubose's house, she is?dead
What does Atticus bring with him when he leaves Mrs. Dubose's house?a box




Question Answer
What was Mrs. Dubose addicted to?Morphine
Although Mrs. Dubose had a few months to live, she wanted to come clean on?her morphine addiction before she died (for personal pride)
the tantrum that Mrs. dubose had was because of what?withdrawl of morphine
Why did Mrs. Dubose read so much?to keep her mind off the cravings till alarm clock went off
When the alarm clock struck, Mrs. Dubose could take her what?dose of medicine
What is Morphine?a drug used to relieve pain
What was in the box that Atticus had brought from Mrs. Dubose's house?camellia (flower)
What does Atticus say about the camellia that Mrs. Dubose had prepared for Jem?that everything's all right
Atticus says that even if Jem didn't destroy Mrs. Dubose's flowers he would still?send Jem to read to Mrs. Dubose (to see what real courage is)
according to Atticus, what is real courage?not using a gun but fighting for a cause you believe in even if you know you probably won't win




Question Answer
when jem is in middle school now, what does that mean for everybody?he is an angry person
how does Jem think Scout should act like?girl


Question Answer
what do Atticus and Calpurnia say about how Jem acts?he is just growin up
what does the letter say that Scout gets from Dill?he won't be coming to Maycomb and that he is spending quality time with his dad


Question Answer
does Scout miss Dill?yes
what is atticus a member of?state legislature


Question Answer
why does Atticus leave the kids for 2 weeks?gets called into a special session
with Atticus away, why does Calpurnia take the kids to her church?she doesn't trust Jem and Scout to go to church by themselves


Question Answer
why is calpurnia so obsessive about Jem and Scout?"doesn't want anyone sayin i don't look after my children"
What is Calpurnia's church called?First Purchase African M.E.




Question Answer
when the kids arrive to Calpurnia's church, all the people respect the kids except?Lula
what does Lula ask Calpurnia about the kids?why she has brought white children to the African-American church


Question Answer
When Scout asks Calpurnia where the church books are, Calpurnia says what?be quiet
who is the priest of the church?Reverend Sykes


Question Answer
what is one of the announcements that Reverend Sykes makes?the day's collection will go to Helen, Tom Robinson's wife
who leads the meeting?zeebo


Question Answer
what surprise Jem and Scout about the people?they sing after Zeebo (which is unusual)