Female roles

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1women are treated in diverse ways across cultures.
2 FOR EXAMPLEin ancient societys they were associated with nature, as in mother earth and that s why they were considered as blessed
3 till the partiarcial family strucure came to light
4 After that men started havşng more power than women in the coeicty. Women were told to stay at home and be a good wife by pleasing their husband happy
5 they were treated as second class citizens in some civilizatitons and some are
6 ILLILLUSTRATE MY POİNT WITH namıng some powerful women, who has been a role model for me
7cleopatra, queen of ancient egypt, echo down the history, superior İntelligience and improvinh her countrys economy and standing
8marie curie, psychist and a chemist. She discovered multiple chemical elements and won nobel prize twice
9 coco chanel had a huge imoact on the role of women with her revolutunary ideas. She redesigned the traditional men clsyhes in benefit of woman
10 mother teresea is an icon to me, who spent all of her life serving the poor