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Female reproductive system

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Question Answer
Highly sensitive organ above urinary opening that may provide pleasure and orgasm to females when stimulatedClitoris
Fold of skin covering clitorisPrepuce
Fleshy pad of tissue that is covered with pubic hairMons
2 folds of skin covered with pubic hairLabia majora (outer)
2 smaller folds of skin that meet just above clitorisLabia minora (inner)
Opening for urineUrinary opening
Opening to vaginaVaginal opening
Thin membrane that partially covers vaginaHymen
Muscular tube that expands for penis during intercourse/baby during birthVagina
Narrow inner end of vagina that leads to uterusCervix
Pear-shaped organ that nourishes and holds developing fetus-prepares for pregnancy each month by forming blood and tissue liningUterus
2 reproductive glands 1 on each side of uterus that contain egg cells and produce hormones that causes body and mood changesOvary
Tubes leading from top of uterus with finger like projections that surrounded an ovaryFallopian tubes