Female Reproductive System

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Question Answer
Vaginal OpeningThe opening to the vagina.
VaginaA muscular tube which expands to fit the penis during intercourse or a baby during birth.
CervixThe narrow inner end of a vagina. Leads to the uterus.
UterusPear-shaped organ which nourishes and holds a developing fetus. It prepares for a pregnancy each month by forming a blood and tissue lining.
OvaryIt releases egg cells and produces hormones (estrogen and progesterone).
Fallopian Tubes Tubes leading from the ovary to the top of the uterus, with finger-like projections that surround an ovary.
Uterine liningThe lining of the uterus which thickens and sheds during the menstrual cycle.
ClitorisA highly sensitive organ above the urinary opening which may provide pleasure in orgasm when stimulated.
PubisA fleshy pad of tissue which is covered in pubic hair.
Labia (inner, outer)Fold of skin (inner and outer) which protect the internal reproductive organs.

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