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WHAT DOES THE HDI MEANS?Human Development Index.
What do we use the HDI for?To measure the social development in a country.
Mexico´s highest and lowest HDI´sCdmx, and Chiapas
What is social development and how do we see it in society. The possibilities to satisfy basic needs and to improve your personal and profesional growth
What is the difference between private and public affairsPublic affairs is when something affects in a society (government) private affairs is when something affects only you.

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What´re the challenges of a social development.Education, health, socioaffective wellbeing, they are not enough Jobs to all the people and the government doesnt do anything to provide them
What are basic needHome, wáter, health, education, food, protection from the environment.
How does the state resolve its resposabilities Giving hospitals, water, health , education.
Why do we need to make collective decisions. Because it is important to know what the other people think and have different opinions and see different perspectives.
What are the steps for making decisions in community.Dialogue: Exploration of issues collaboratively and different perpectives Analysis: Chosen options studied and alternatives are tought Decision. Happens trough negotation or vote.

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What does the article 4th of the mexican constitutions says .Why is it important to identify the situations that affects coexistences All men and women are equal and have the same rights to get a job, get to have privacy. Equality
Why is it important to identify the situations that affects coexistence and risk personal integrity. s Because you get to know how to react , get to understant the consequences.
Three problematic that affect coexistencegender inequiality, poverty, drugs.

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What is social equalityto have the same oppourtunities, rights and responsabilities
what are the conditions for personal growth in societyyou need your basic needs
what is a socio-affective wellbeing when someone is phisically and mentally comfortable with their environment

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