Fathers, Founders, discoverers of various fields

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Fathers, Founders, discoverers of various fields

Field of ExcellenceName of Father/founder/discoverer
Father of Psychosomatic medicineFranz Alexander
Father of PsychoanalysisSigmund Freud
Father of Psychology or Experimental psychologyWilhelm Wundt
Father of PhrenologyFranz Joseph Gall (1796)
The term "psychiatry" was first coined bythe German physician Johann Christian Reil in 1808 and literally means the 'medical treatment of the soul' (psych- "soul" from Ancient Greek psykhē "soul"; -iatry "medical treatment" from Gk. iātrikos "medical" from iāsthai "to heal").
Founder of the speciality of NeuropsychiatryWilhelm Griesinger
Founder of the School of Analytical PsychologyCarl Gustav Jung
Founder of PsychobiologyAdolf Meyer
Founder of BehaviourismJohn Broadus Watson
Father of American FORENSIC PsychiatryIsaac Ray
Propagated EPIGENIC PRINCIPLE ;Divided life into 8 stagesErik Erikson
Abandoned forceful restraints,proposed morale and human treatment of the mentally illPhilippe Pinel
Discovered LithiumArfeudson (1817)
Discovered SyphillisFritz Schaudinn , Erich Hoffmann (1905)


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Father of AnatomyHerophilus of Chalcedon
Father of PhysiologyClaude Bernard
Father of MicrobiologyLouis Pasteur
Father of BacteriologySir Robert Koch
Father of ChemotherapyPaul Ehrlich
Father of PharmacologyOswald Schmiedberg
Father of Modern PathologyRudolf Virchow
Father of Forensic MedicineBernard Spillsbury
Father of Modern EpidemiologyJohn Snow
Father of Occupational Health Ramazzini
Father of Modern MedicineHippocrates
Father of Indian MedicineCharaka
Father of American MedicineWilliam Osler


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Father of Modern SurgeryAmbroise Pare
Father of Indian Surgery Sushruta
Father of Antiseptic SurgeryJoseph Lister
Father of Modern Inguinal Hernia SurgeryEdoardo Bassini
Father of Thyroid SurgeryEmil Kocher
Father of GeneticsGregor Mendel
Father of Modern Human GeneticsDr Victor A. McKusick
Father of PsychoanalysisSigmund Fruend
Father of Porphyrin chemistryHans Fischer
Father of PTCAAndreas Gruntzig
Father of Modern PsychiatryJohann Weyer
Father of American PsychiatryBenjamin Rush
Father of BiologyAristotle
Father of Diagnostic ImagingRoentgen

Fathers in Medicine

Fathers/Founders/PioneersField of excellence or discovery
Christian Barnardperformed the world's first successful human:to:human heart transplant .He was a South African cardiac surgeon
Thomas Starzl"the father of modern transplantation."He performed the first human liver transplants
Joseph Edward Murrayperformed the first successful human kidney transplant
Dr. James Hardyperformed the world's first human lung transplant
Theodor Billrothfather of modern abdominal surgery
Harvey Cushingthe father of modern day brain surgery.
John HunterFather of modern surgery
William Osler"father of modern medicine"
Dr. Camran NezhatFather of Modern Laparoscopy
Jonas Salkdeveloped a vaccine for polio


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Dr.Eduard ZirmThe first cornea transplant
Joseph Listerpioneer of antiseptic surgery 'Father of Antiseptic Surgery'
Sushruta"Father of Surgery"
Rudolf Virchow"the father of modern pathology"
Claude Bernard"the Father of Modern Physiology and Experimental Medicine"
HippocratesGreek father of medicine
Robert Koch"Father of Bacteriology"
Father of epidemiologyJohn Snow
H.J. Muller" Father of Radiation Biology, Cytogenetics"
Marcello Malpighi" Father of Microscopic Anatomy"
Thomas Addison"Father of Endocrinology"
Ivan Pavlov" Father of Conditional Reflexes"


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Ignatz Nascher"father of geriatrics"
Xavier Bichat"Father of Histology"
Bateson"Father of Modern Genetics"
Karl Ernst Von Baer"Father of Modern Embryology"
"Platter""Father of Parasitology"
Charles Richetanaphylaxis
Jules Bordetdevelpoed complement fixation test
Eric Muhefirst lap cholecystectomy
Kurt Semmfirst lap appendectomy
Max Theileryellow fever vaccine
William Hamstaedtused cocaine for the first time as anaesthetic
David Morleydesigned the Growth chart


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Claude BernardFather of physiology
Sigmund FreudPsychoanalysis
Zakariya RaziFather of paediatrics
J.Marion SimsFather of gynaecology
Kari Jasperconcept of DELUSION
Oswald SchmiedbergFather of Pharmacology
Bernard SpillsburyFather of Forensic medicine
Johann Weyerfather of Modern Psychiatry
Emil KocherFather of Thyroid Surgery
Nicolaierfirst discovered the Tetanus Bacillus
Roenbachfirst found tetanus bacilli in man
Kitasatomade the first Cultures of Tetanus bacillus


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Raymond DamadinDiscovered MRI
Paul Lauterber and Peter MansfieldNobel prize for MRI
John J. Wild"father of Medical ultrasound"
Ian Donaldfather of Obstetric ultrasound
Raymond CarhartFather of Audiology
Dr. John . J. SheaFirst Stapedectomy (May 1956)
Antoine Laurent LavoisierFather of Modern nutrition
Martinus BeijerinckFather of Virology
Antonie van LeeuwenhoekFather of Protozoology
Aaron T. BeckFather of Cognitive therapy
Jack La LanneFather of Fitness

Fathers of medical fields

Field of excellenceFathers/Pioneers
1. Father of Biology , Embryology & ZoologyARISTOTLE
2. Father of AnatomyANDREAS VESALIUS
3. Father of Comparative AnatomyGeorge Cuvier
4. Father of Microscopic AnatomyMorcello Malpighi
5. Father of HistologyFrancois Bichat
6. Father of Modern EmbryologyKarl Ernst Von Baer
7. Father of PhysiologyAristotle
8. Father of Modern Physiology , Blood CirculationWilliam Harvey
9. Father of Gastric PhysiologyWilliam Beaumont
10. Father of Stress PhysiologyHans Selye


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11. Father of Conditioned ReflexesPavlov
12. Father of ECGEinthoven
13. Father of BiochemistryCarl Alexander Neuberg
14. Father of ATP cycleLipmann
15. Father of Modern Pathology , Cellular PathologyRudolf Virchow
16. Father of PharmacologyOswald Schmiedeberg
17. Father of Indian PharmacologySri Ram Nath Chopra
18. Father of ChemotherapyPaul Ehlrich
19. Father of AntibioticsAlexander Fleming
20. Father of MicrobiologyLouis Pasteur


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21. Father of MicroscopyAnton van Leeuwenhoek
22. Father of BacteriologyRobert Koch
23. Father of VirologyStanley
24. Father of MycologyMicheli
25. Father of ParasitologyPlatter
26. Father of ImmunolgyEdward Jenner
27. Father of Tissue CultureHarrison
28. Father of Legal Medicine , Forensic PsychiatryPaulus Zacchias(Personal Physician of Pope in 17th century)
29. Father of ToxicologyMathieu Orfila
30. Father of Indian PsychiatryDr. Vidya Sagar, M.D[M.R.C. Psych.] 1910-1978
31. Father of Medicine , Western MedicineHippocrates
32. Father of EndocrinologyAddison


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33. Father of Transfusion Medicine , Blood GroupsKarl Landsteiner
34. Father of Modern SurgeryAmbroise Pare
35. Father of Antiseptic SurgeryJoseph Lister
36. Father of Indian SurgerySusruta
37. Father of Modern Facial Plastic SurgeryJacques Joseph
38. Father of Modern NeurosurgeryHarvey Cushing
39. Father of Indian PaediatricsDr. George Coelho
40. Father of Modern PsychiatryPhilippe Pinel
41. Father of DermatologyFerdinand von Hebra
42.Father of EpidemiologyJohn Snow
43. Father of Child PsychiatryLeo Kanner