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Question Answer
Part OneFederal Acquisition Regulation System
Part TwoDefinitions of words and terms
Part ThreeImproper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest
Part FourAdministrative Matters
Part FivePublicizing Contract Actions
Part SixCompetition Requirements
Part SevenAcquisition Planning
Part EightRequired Sources of Supplies and Services
Part NineContractor Qualificiations
Part TenMarket Research
Part ElevenDescribing Agency Needs
Part TwelveAcquisition of Commercial Needs
Part ThirteenSimplified Acquisition Procedures
Part FourteenSealed Bidding
Part FifteenContracting by Negotiation
Part SixteenTypes of Contracts
Part SeventeenSpecial Contracting Methods
Part EighteenEmergency Aquisitions
Part NineteenSmall Business Programs
Part TwentyReserved
Part Twenty-OneReserved(2)
Part Twenty-TwoApplication of Labor Law to Government Acquisitions
Part Twenty-ThreeEnvironment, Energy and Water Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Occupational Safety, and Drug-free Workforce
Part Twenty-FourProtection of Privacy and Freedom of Information
Part Twenty-FiveForeign Acquisition
Part Twenty-SixOther Socioeconomic Programs
Part Twenty-SevenPatents, Data, and Copyrights
Part Twenty-EightBonds and Insurance
Part Twenty-NineTaxes
Part ThirtyCost Accounting Standards Administration
Part Thirty-OneContract Cost Principles and Procedures
Part Thirty-TwoContract Financing
Part Thirty-ThreeProtests, Disputes, and Appeals
Part Thirty-FourMajor System Acquisition
Part Thirty-FiveResearch and Development Contracting
Part Thirty-SixConstruction and Architect-Engineer Contracts
Part Thirty-SevenService Contracting
Part Thirty-EightFederal Supply Schedule Contracting
Part Thirty-NineAcquisition of Information Technology
Part FortyReserved(3)
Part Forty-OneAcquisition of Utility Services
Part Forty-TwoContract Administration and Audit Services
Part Forty-ThreeContract Modificiations
Part Forty-FourSubcontracting Policies and Procedures
Part Forty-FiveGovernment Property
Part Forty-SixQuality Assurance
Part Forty-SevenTransportation
Part Forty-EightValue Engineering
Part Forty-NineTermination of Contracts
Part FiftyExtraordinary Contractual Actions and the safety act
Part Fifty-OneUse of Government Sources by Contractors
Part Fifty-TwoSolicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses
Part Fifty-ThreeForms

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