FAR Parts 30-50

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Question Answer
FAR Part 30Patents, Data and Copyrights
FAR Part 31Bonds and Insurance
FAR Part 32Taxes
FAR Part 33Protests, Disputes and Appeals
FAR Part 34Major Systems Acquisition
FAR Part 35Research and Devlopment Contracting
FAR Part 36Construction and Architect Engineering Contracting
FAR Part 37Service Contracting
FAR Part 38Federal Supply Schedule Contracting
FAR Part 39Acquisition of Information Technology
FAR Part 40Reserved
FAR Part 41ACquisition of utility Service
FAR Part 42Contract Administration and Audit Services
FAR Part 43Contract Modifications
FAR Part 44Subcontracting Policies and Procedures
FAR Part 45Government Property
FAR Part 46Quality Assurance
FAR Part 47Transportation
FAR Part 48Value Engineering
FAR Part 49Termination of Contracts
FAR Part 50Extradordinary Contractual Provisions & The Safety Act

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