FAR 2015-2

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Section 1

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FAR -- Part 11Describing Agency Needs
FAR -- Part 12Acquisition of Commercial Items
FAR -- Part 13Simplified Acquisition Procedures
FAR -- Part 14Sealed Bidding
FAR -- Part 15Contracting by Negotiation
FAR -- Part 16Types of Contracts
FAR -- Part 17Special Contracting Methods
FAR -- Part 18Emergency Acquisitions
FAR -- Part 19Small Business Programs
FAR -- Part 20[Reserved]

Section 2

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FAR -- Part 21[Reserved]
FAR -- Part 22Application of Labor Laws to Government Acquisitions
FAR -- Part 23 Environment, Energy and Water Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Occupational Safety, and Drug-Free Workplace
FAR -- Part 24Protection of Privacy and Freedom of Information
FAR -- Part 25Foreign Acquisition
FAR -- Part 26Other Socioeconomic Programs
FAR -- Part 27Patents, Data, and Copyrights
FAR -- Part 28Bonds and Insurance
FAR -- Part 29Taxes
FAR -- Part 30Cost Accounting Standards Administration

Section 3

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FAR -- Part 31Contract Cost Principles and Procedures
FAR -- Part 32Contract Financing
FAR -- Part 33Protests, Disputes, and Appeals
FAR -- Part 34Major System Acquisition
FAR -- Part 35Research and Development Contracting
FAR -- Part 36Construction and Architect -- Engineer Contracts
FAR -- Part 37Service Contracting
FAR -- Part 38Federal Supply Schedule Contracting
FAR -- Part 39Acquisition of Information Technology
FAR -- Part 40[Reserved]

Section 4

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FAR -- Part 41Acquisition of Utility Services
FAR -- Part 42Contract Administration and Audit Services
FAR -- Part 43Contract Modifications
FAR -- Part 44Subcontracting Policies and Procedures
FAR -- Part 45Government Property
FAR -- Part 46Quality Assurance
FAR -- Part 47Transportation
FAR -- Part 48Value Engineering
FAR -- Part 49Termination of Contracts

Section 5

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FAR -- Part 50Extraordinary Contractual Actions And The Safety Act
FAR -- Part 51Use of Government Sources by Contractors
FAR -- Part 52Clauses

Section 6

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FAR -- Part 1Federal Acquisition Regulations System
FAR -- Part 2Definitions of Words and Terms
FAR -- Part 3Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest
FAR -- Part 4Administrative Matters
FAR -- Part 5Publicizing Contract Actions
FAR -- Part 6Competition Requirements
FAR -- Part 7Acquisition Planning
FAR -- Part 8Required Sources of Supplies and Services
FAR -- Part 9Contractor Qualifications
FAR -- Part 10Market Research