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Frequently Asked Questions about

What am I supposed to do here? pages help you remember and understand information. People use them to train, communicate, study, learn, and have fun. What kind of pages you create or use is up to you! Go to the home page and see the demo and then try it yourself. Then create a page or search or browse to find pages on topics that interest you.

Is this site free?

Everything you can do on is free except for a few advanced features including creating a large number of private pages (5 or more).

How does it help me understand?

The same way reading a book helps you understand. Pages can have descriptive paragaphs in addition to tables. They can have bullet points, images, headings and subheadings -- pretty much all the standard elements of a web page. Also, memorize diagrams help you understand images by visually learning their parts.

How does it help me remember?

Most pages have memorize tables which have an interactive learning process. Click any "start learning" button, and the learning process will happen right there on the page. You can switch between flashcard, matching, and multiple-choice modes. See the middle of the Home page for a demo and to try it out!

How do I find pages?

Search or browse the categories for a subject that interests you.

How do I create a page?

Click the green "create" button (top of page). Then pick a wizard that will show you what to type. Wizards make creating pages extremely easy.

What kinds of pages do people create?

Professionals: training, learning about their industry, communicating terms and background information to colleagues before meetings, studying for certifications, educating customers, creating a knowledge-base for their company that is easy to consume
Students: studying for tests, preparing for class
Instructors, Ethusiasts, Kids: creating and sharing all kinds of pages, and using existing pages

How do I share my pages?

Click the "share" button (top of page). It helps you email the page's url to someone, or share on Twitter, Facebook, or other web sites.

How do I collaborate with others?

You can edit other people's pages (you get your own version - their version is left in tact). You can compare your version with other peoples versions and merge in their changes. You can follow users. See Sharing Quickstart for more details.

It's hard for me to memorize other peoples' words. Can you help?

You can edit and change the wording while memorizing. Just double-click on the words while you're memorizing.

Do you have an "import" function?

Click "create" (top of page) and then choose "Wiki Text". Then you can paste in text to create a page. The text you paste should have columns separated by colons (with spaces surrounding the colons). Or see Wiki Text to make more complex pages.

How do I get things into my long-term memory?

Most experts agree the key is to review things over time. After you complete a table or page, it prompts you to send yourself an email reminder. Often reviewing a day later, then 2 days later, then a week later, then a month later will do the trick.

How do I keep track of pages?

Pages you've created or favorited show up on your home page. To favorite a page, go to that page and click the "favorite" or "page" link (right of page).

If I get bored, how can I add variety?

Try using different modes (flashcard, matching, and multiple-choice)
Switching columns by using the "switch column" button while memorizing
Memorize different tables together (use the "combine tables" link)
Edit the tables as you memorize (double-click on the words)

Can I upload my own images?

Yes! And you can search for and use millions of existing images (a very quick way to make diagram pages and image table pages).

Can I use on my smart phone?

Yes, you will be redirected to the mobile interface, which is optimized for iphones and android phones etc..

This seems hard. Is it?

Try it out and you'll find it's easy and actually fun. We only have you memorize a small number of things at a time. The things you miss are repeated frequently. You can begin with the mode that is easiest for you (try multiple-choice). With a little repetition and prompting you can unleash your mind's amazing potential to learn a great deal in a very short time.

Why is better?

The flexible format and memorization process helps you remember as well as understand.
The learning process is designed to be fast and low-stress. You only have to do a little at a time, and you can choose the process that works best for you.
Creating pages is very fast and easy. You don't even need to create an account.
You can edit any page to collaborate with others, improve it the page, or just make it better suit you. You can even edit during the learning process.
Memorize Diagrams let you quickly learn parts of a diagram, image, or map, by clicking to label its parts.

Which pages are people sharing?

Check out Facebook to see a recent list.