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Question Answer
science that deals with the study of origin, evolution, and development of human societysociology
deals with the study of origin evolution and development of man and his society anthopology
refers to a group of people involved in persistent social interactionsociety
it is a set of inter-related elements which can be as large and complex as a society or as small and relatively simple as a married couplesocial system
believed in the power of reasonHenri Saint simon
founder of sociologyAuguste Comte
survival of the fittestHerbert Spencer
Originator of the conflict theoryKarl Marx
Belived in the changes in minds of people are not adequetly understoodKarl Maheim
social and economic factorsmax weber
Study of physical evolutionphysical anthropology
pick and shovel historyarchaeology
present and the recent pastcultural anthropology
human languageslinguistic anthropology
diverse cultures of the presentethnology
study of solid earthgeology
science of life and living organismsbiology
monk that conducted experiments on the transmission of genetic materialGregor Mendel
transmission of genetic qualities of character traits from parents to offspringheredity
is the agggregate surroundig of things of conditionsenvironment
superiority of man over animalspower to create, language, historical development, self-consciousness