Famous Explorers

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Henry Hudsondiscovered Hudson River, Hudson Bay, and bought the island of Manhattan
Christopher ColumbusLanded in the Bahamas and mistook them for India (that's why Native Americans were called Indians)
John CabotFounded Newfoundland, Canada
Vasco daGamacompleted the eastern sea route to Asia
Ferdinand Magellansailed the Pacific looking for the West Indies (was killed miles away from them)
Hernando Cortesdiscovered and conquered the Aztec
Amerigo VespucciSailed the American coast, also who America is named for
Jaques CartierFounded present-day Montreal, Canada
Hernando de SotoLed expedition to the Western USA; was first European to see Mississippi River
Francisco Pizzarogained control of the Incan empire in Peru
Bartholomeau Diasdiscovered the "Cape of Good Hope"