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Question Answer
Functions: SERE - sexual, educational, reproductive, economicMurdock
Functions: Warm bath theory, FIT thesis, structural differentiationParsons
Functions: Nuclear family created after industrial revolution for inheritanceEngels
Functions: Resentment over inequalities in the workplaceZaretsky
Functions: Ideological State Apparatus - gender rolesAlthusser
Functions: Women doubly-exploitedBenston
Functions: Women are the "takers of shit"Ansley
Functions: Institutions have strengthened functions of familyFletcher and Shorter
Demography: Push and pull factors for voluntary childlessnessGillepsie
Demography: Old age has been socially constructed as a time of dependencyTownsend
Marriage: Arranged marriage creates stronger partnershipsEpstein
Marriage: Women's priorities have changedSharpe
Marriage: Secularisation leads to changing expectationsGibson
Marriage: 'Pick 'n' mix' socityGiddens
Violence: Some hold view that men have right to 'discipline' wivesDobash and Dobash
Violence: Result of resentment over workplace inequalitiesWilkinson
Violence: Used by some men to reinforce inferiority of womenGanley and Schechter
Violence: Most men oppose domestic violenceElliott
Roles: Single women do 10 hours of housework, and 15 in relationshipsCouprie
Roles: The post-industrial revolution privatised family is symmetricalWillmott and Young
Roles: Segregated and joint conjugal rolesBott
Roles: Dual burden, monotony of houseworkOakley
Roles: Triple-shift - Emotion work, deep and shallow actingDuncombe and Marsden
Roles: Pooling and allowance systems, housework as a social constructPahl
Roles: Men take on more roles, but these are sex-typedWarde
Roles: Important decisions made by men - moving house, jobsHardill
Roles: More equal roles found in same-sex couplesDunne
Childhood: 'Centuries of childhood' - little adults, emotional resourceAries
Childhood: Disappearance of childhood - 'blurred lines'Postman
Childhood: Toxic childhoodPalmer
Childhood: 'Age patriachy'Gittens
Childhood: Gender differences - girls more restrictedHillman
Childhood: Ethnic differences - Asian parents most strictBrannen
Social policy: Benefits are 'perverse incentives' for anti-social behaviourMurray
Social policy: Assumes ideal family is patriarchal - maternity leaveLand
Social policy: Benefit cuts will drive poor families into greater povertyAbbott and Wallace
Social policy: 'Policing of families' - social workers, doctorsDonzelot
Diversity: The negotiated family - formed based on needs over traditionBeck
Diversity: Neo-conventional - dual-earningChester
Diversity: 'Beanpole family' - child-centredness, life expectancyBrannen
Diversity: 'Pure relationships' - confluent love, 'pick 'n' mix' societyGiddens
Diversity: 5 types of diversity - nuclear family no longer dominantRapoport and Rapoport
Diversity: Rules governing relationships have become weakChambers
Diversity: Causes of diversity - contraception, IVF, position of womenBeck-Gernsheim
Diversity: Term 'personal life' more appropriateSmart
Diversity: Extent of diversity is exaggeratedChester
Diversity: Caused by increasing gender equality - cohabitation, divorceGiddens
Diversity: Caused by changing attitudes since the 1960sWeeks

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