Family Traditions

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Question Answer
On Birthdays in this country, families drink life long soup and if they slurp the soup, they have a long life. China
In this country, families live close together which reflect dedication and loyalty Mexico
On New Year's eve in this country, families dress up as a straw man and make a will that lists their faults and burn it hoping to get rid of their own faults. Ecuador
Christmas here consists of children leaving their shoes by the fireplace to be filled with gifts. In the morning the children find fruits, nuts and small toys. France
In this country, Easter is celebrated by children who eat as many eggs as they can and see who can eat the most.Ireland
The bride's dress in this country are representative of their marriage Ireland
In this country, they have a festival before Lent where families get together and listen to music and danceBrazil
This country's harvest begins with a sermon followed by a traditional harvest crown is presented to the harvest Queen, then the day is celebrated with dancing, music and fruit within families. Germany
On February 14th (Valentine's Day), females present the males with presents Korea
In this country, on Independence Day families gather together to eat food and watch fireworks.American