Family Med Step 2 6-23

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vertebrobasilar dolichoectasiawhere the artery is elongated distended, tortuous, compressive/ischemic sx
vertebrobasilar arteryif crazy anatomy may compress CN V
globus syndromesenation of food stuck in throat
daCRYostenisisnarrowing of tear duct
azithroprines/e diarrhea, leukopenia, hepatotox
DM PNPdn progression w ACEi
exposure odds ratioratio of exposure to people w disease vs exposure to people wo disease
3rd o heart blockget in pacemaker quick
rheumatic heartmitral sten
mitral stenatrial enlargement * up AFIB
HSV encephalitisIV acyclovir quick
mycophenolateimmunosupp to prevent TP reject (up BM supression)
gross hematuria after URI in adultIgA nephropathy
2ndary Amylodosisup nephrotic syndrome, H meg, CMP, psuedohypertrpophy, PNP
tacrolimusup hirsuit up gum hypertrophy (nephrotox, hyperkalemia, htn, tremor)

Section 2

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kid bone tmxosteosarcoma(sunburst,codman triangle) > Ewing (11:22) onoion
dressler2-4 wk post MI (F, pericarditis, up ESR)
L4-L5L5 impingement
oligoclonal bandssign of MS
pyridium(phenazopyridine)treats pain/irritation of lower GU tract
Glycolpyrolatetreat hyperhidrosis, sialorrhea, asthma, COPD
low dose chest CTaged 55 to 77, current or former smoker who have quit within past 15 years and have a 30 pack year
why no ACEi/ARB in Af Amrespond less to medication
trousseaus syndmigratory thrombophlebitis, could mean occult tumor (trousseau, travel about), common is pancreatic cx
trousseau pathophystmx secrete microvesicles of coag factor or mucin which interacts with pl8 to up clot
BCG vaxfor TB
intranasal flucontra in AIDS
DM PNP initialTCA
antiphospholipid AB ppx81 ASA and LMWH
Hep B txInterferon A and Lumivudine
PWCPpulm cap wedge pressure (ARDS is <18, pulm edema > 18) normal is 2-15
PWCPinsert catheter from jugular to heart to branch of pulm a and inflated

Section 3

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Hip PXEXstraight leg, FABER/FADIR
DepressionSBS compression (low/0 CRI and or alternating vertical strains) common findings
Thyroidchapman of T2
acute bacterial parotitisbug is S Aure, common post op in elderly and dehydated
false + VDRLfound in antiphospholipd AB syndrome
hep cinterferon alpha and ribavirain
hep b and cbot interferon alfa and B=Lamuvidine C=ribavirin
cystic hygromabenign cystic tmx around neck
RiluzoleALS, glutamate inh, up length of life
caldRIBineRIB like RIBose, a purine analog for hairy cell leukemia (hairy TRAP+)
echinococcus granulosuscauses hyaditid liver cysts (close contact dogs/sheep), tx is SRX (watchout for anaphylaxis from content spilling)
desmoglein ABpemphigus vulgaris
IV antiemeticchlorpromazine, prochloheparizine, metclopramide (DA antags)
downs synd and UMN findingsatlantoaxial instability
taenia soliumcysticercosis
IgG at dermal epidermal juncbullous pempihgoid
OCDSSRI or clomipramine
albuminocytological dissocthe proportion to cells to albumin in fluid is off (in Guillian Barre there is hi protein with few cells)
tension type headacheElavil > Venlafaxine > topiramte > neurontin

Section 4

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dapsonefor toxop ppx in immunosupp
howell jolly bodiesdna clump in RBC that still remains due to apslenia (spleen is not their to remove the Howell Jolly body)
cladribinetreat hairy cell leukemia, this molecule is an adenosine deaminase inhibitor (SCID has adenosine deaminase deficiency * up B-cell dysf)
erb duchenne palsywaiters tip hand, dn superior brachial plexus trunk, dn c5/6, common in birth pulling head too hard
meclizinefor nausea
cushing triadup ICP so up BP (get O2 to brain), dn HR (up pressure on vagal nerve), irregular breathing,\
up ICP on brain stemreason for irregular breathing in Cushing Triad (up BP, dn HR, D resp)
Radial Headmoves posterior with pronation
cogenital hemihypertrophyup risk wilms tumor/hepatoblastoma
wilms tumorelevated AFP
WAGRwilms, aniridia, GU cogen malformation

Section 5

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pap smear initialages 21-29 intitial screen every 3 years with no smear cytology alone (no HPV test)
pap smear middle ageages 30-60 may receive EITHER co-testing every 5 years with both a pap smear and an HPV DNA test or continue paps every 3 years
Pap oldover 65 with prior adequate negative screen may discontinue screening
Pap prior total hysterectomydo not need further screen
Pap Smear Unsatisfactory Cytology, HPV status ukn or HPV -repeat cytology every 2-4 months
Pap Smear unsatisfact cytology, HPV +repeat ctology in 2-4 mo or colposcopy
NILMnegative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy
NILM + guidelineage>30 and HPV +, repeat co-testing at 1 year, or purese colpo if HPV 16-18 +
ASCUSAtypical squamous cells of undetermined significance
ASCUS + aged 21-24repeat cyto in 12 mo
ASCUS + and reflex HPV +cyto in 12 mo
ASCUS + and reflex HPV -continue routine
LSILlow grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
LSIL and HPV unkn or +colpo
LSIL >30 yo and HPV (-)repeat co-testing in 1 year or colpo
LSIL +need reflux HPV
HSILhigh grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
HSIL and age 21-24get colpo
HSIL and >25 yocolpo or LEEP
ASC-Hatypical squ cells, cannot exlude HSIL, get colpo
AGCatypical glandular cells, get colpo and endocervical and endometrial sampling
Sq Cell Cxdiagnostic excision or srx

Section 6

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erythasmawashing, erythromycin, oral if refract
right proximal thighchapman of cecum and ascending colon, found in chrons
pancreaseSNS T6-10
CKDdn Ca++ * up PTH * up renal osteodystrophy
rheumatic Fmitral stenosis, immigrant, 1st sx when pregant
pregnant50% increase in plasma vol
enlarged left atrium2/2 mitral sten, up dysphagia up hoarse, up AFIB
Mi stenaccenutated with squating or leg raising because up blood back to heart
Amyl Nitriateup murmur with A sten, MVP, and HOCM (causes reduction in both preload and after load
hand gripup afterload (up murmur in aortic regurg), dn murmur of A sten/MVP/HOCM
ACEi ARBused for HTN with any evidence of prouria and CKD